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Please tell us more about the social environment, sports clubs and societies and anything else you think candidates need to know about life at your university.


"There are a lot of clubs and societies, literally something for everyone. And if there's not, you can start your own society quite easily! It is expensive to be on a sports team though as this requires you to buy a gym membership."
"There are so many societies to join! From rowing to Pokemon to crafts to a capella to debate. We have tennis courts, a variety of pitches and the sports centre which has a climbing wall, a large pool, weights room, practice rooms and a large gym. The social environment is brilliant! So easy to make friends and keep in contact with them as the majority of students are either on campus or in town which isn't far away."
"There is a huge range of societies at Lancaster University. You can find them on the Lancaster University student union page, or talk to them in person at the freshers fair (there is also re-freshers after Christmas for anyone who missed out on the first one). I've tried many different clubs so far, such as Harry Potter society, assassins' guild, belly dance, climbing, running, and I'm looking forward to trying another new one next term – archery. There are also a lot of charity organisations, such as Water Aid, Bernardo's, Nightline and more."
"There are a huge number of clubs and societies that cater to a wide range of different interests. The social environment is really good, as there are events and activities going on all the time that mean anyone can find something to participate in. I would say that life in Lancaster is amazing, but I think that's partly because I knew that I wanted to come here. If you're looking for the big city life however, I wouldn't say that Lancaster would be the correct choice for you."
"Hundreds of sports teams on offer, from uni standard sport to college teams that compete internally, as well as free sessions to just try something new. It's a collegiate university and each college has a bar and college space. Each college elects an exec to run events like pub quizzes, nights out to other cities and just general social things to beat revision blues. There's a great night life in Lancaster town, free buses run from campus to town four nights a week. There's ALWAYS something going on."
"There are so many sports societies at Lancaster and we have try out sessions or full sports days where you can go round trying all different sports. If you like a sport then you can join the team or training group and have a great time. There are plenty of other clubs for people who prefer to relax a bit more rather than going to the gym: including a film club, Chinese learning club, yoga, darts, pool and plenty more."
"There are plenty of societies to join, something for everyone. The social environment is relaxed and pleasing. I am now an executive for litsoc, the literature society, and it's a great place to be. We don't just enjoy discussing literature together, we have become great friends and it's a pleasure to be in the society."
"There are a lot of sports clubs and societies, but there isn't enough funding for some of the clubs so it might be a deterring factor for some students having to pay a lot of money to enjoy some clubs."
"There is a large variety of clubs and societies to join at Lancaster. No matter what your interests are you are bound to find something you enjoy. They're a fantastic way to meet new friends outside of your accommodation. While you may be looking to find an activity you already take part in, they are also a brilliant way to try something new and discover a new passion. Lancaster definitely has the friendly atmosphere to cater to someone trying something new for the first time."
"The colleges create a good social environment where it is easy to make friends. College sports are also available (I particularly like the idea of inter-college sporting competitions). Also the hype for Roses – our inter-varsity tournament – is exciting. There are a huge number of societies, some are relatively inactive, which is a shame, but most are up and running. Student media – particularly radio – is well-run and looks like great fun."

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