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Please comment on the support you’ve had from the careers services, the type of employers that present and recruit on campus, the effectiveness of the alumni network, as well as fairs and on-campus recruitment activity.


"The careers team provide many workshops and one-to-one meetings to help you succeed in interviews and employment. Tutorials throughout the year also prepare you for a job by teaching several employability skills such as CV writing."
"Careers service have been brilliant and always on hand if I needed any advice or mock interviews etc. They put on careers fairs a few times a year which are informative and give you the chance to ask questions."
"There is a very good careers service in the management school. As an economic major, I can count on an advisor specifically for my course."
"Several careers fairs on campus over the year. Huge amount of skill sessions and career events with employers such as Teach First, PwC, EY etc available throughout the year. There's a university careers service plus some department-specific career services."
"Most of the time, fairs and employers present only benefit those in the management school. As a politics student, I do not feel that the university has prepared me for life after my degree. They seem far too focused on students doing business/management/accounting degrees."
"The careers service are very prominent on campus, we've had lectures from them specifically for our course on steps to take to enhance our prospects, there are regular careers and recruitment fairs, the uni itself offers part-time work to students as well as internship schemes. There is also the 'Lancaster Award', which can be achieved by taking part in extra-curricular activities and demonstrates to employers that you are more than just a degree. The careers service also offer career advice, mock interviews, and CV checking which is really useful!"
"There's a lot of support from the careers services, with different workshops available on various topics, as well as one-to-one sessions. The number of employers that come on campus is impressive, as is their reputation. There are also at least two careers fairs per year, in which you get to network with employers and ask any question you like."
"Most courses have a careers module which teaches students how to look into job prospects that suit their degree. There have been careers fairs where companies have visited the university and students can ask questions. These have been prestigious companies such as IBM, which is helpful as you can see what type of CV is needed to compete for high quality jobs."
"If you were to put in minimal effort and only do what you were told to in terms of careers, you wouldn't get very far. However, if you're willing to spend half an hour looking online you'll find hundreds of free sessions offered by the careers service. They also run the 'Lancaster Award', which anyone can take part in, which helps to make you more employable. They give free advice, will read through your CVs and personal statements, and will give free practice interviews. I'm sure there are other services they offer that I haven't heard of myself."
"The career services are excellent at Lancaster. They help you with your CV, cover letter, applications etc to try as best as possible to get you a job. Always sending relevant emails for business placements and grad jobs to make you aware of what is available and what you might want to apply to."

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