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Please comment on the location of your university (city, town, etc), the campus, the facilities, and student accommodation.


"Where my campus is located it is hard to travel, however, the free university bus gives extra support with this. The business and law campus is the best campus out of all four and it is just getting better, with easier access to computers, printers, books and research as well as other ways of doing the work. The business school is designed as a business organisation interior structure, so it gives the feeling that students already work for an organisation."
"The location and all facilities were very satisfactory."
"Penrhyn Road is only a five-minute walk from the town centre."
"The location that I am based in isn't great as it's hard to get your shopping done and to move about places."
"It's a good location as it's only 30 minutes from central London."
"Kingston-upon-Thames is a very lovely and clean area with lots of luscious green spaces."
"The location is great since it's close to Surbiton station and Kingston station. Uni buses are available to take you to other campuses."
"We're spread across town and the facilities are adequate but we have limited student accommodation. I think it should be extended to allow for more affordable housing."
"My campus (Penrhyn) is located near the Kingston town centre and the Riverside campus is lovely in summer and close to both the Surbiton and Kingston stations, which is handy for commuters! We have a 24-hour library service on the Kingston Hill and Penrhyn campuses as well as brilliant labs for science students and overall great facilities for all courses. Student accommodation ranges between en suite, private, studios and shared bathrooms so there's a wide range for students to choose from. Kingston Hill campus even has its own set of halls on campus. There's a uni bus that runs late from campus, stations and halls and is free for all uni students."

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