Kingston University

Clubs and social environment

Please tell us more about the social environment, sports clubs and societies and anything else you think candidates need to know about life at your university.


"There are tons of societies and sports clubs that make themselves known to you during freshers' week. There is something for everyone including people with disabilities, minority & religious groups and mature students. It's a sure fire way of making friends with like minded people."
"The environment is friendly and the clubs are really good as you get to socialise daily. Staying on the university campus is great for a student life."
"There are a lot of sporting opportunities and societies from all sectors."
"There's a great variety of societies to join, from being able to horse ride to rowing along the river. The uni has good facilities that students can use such as the gym and you can request a room to watch a movie in with other students."
"There are over 100 societies here and varsity is quite big at our uni. Once a year, in March, there is a varsity event against other unis including Surrey Uni. There are many multi-faith and cultural societies as well as academic and many more to choose from. You can even form your own society if you can get a minimum of 10 people interested in it."

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