King's College London, University of London
King's College London, University of London


What are the best things about studying at your university?


"There are brilliant lecturers at the top of their respective fields and a good support structure. It's an extremely challenging, but ultimately rewarding, course."
"I like the prestige that comes with attending King's College London. And it is also great that KCL has campuses all across London so you get to see more of the city when attending classes. There are many resources available for self-study at the library and I like how religion and chaplaincy are integrated into the student life."
"The buildings themselves are great as they're aesthetically pleasing but functional too. We're ideally located geographically and the staffing seems first class with many of my lecturers being leading thinkers and researchers in their fields."
"The lectures are very interesting and the professors try to engage with students most of the time. They try to understand if someone has a problem and to help in any way possible. My university offers many practical activities that allow us to apply what we have learned during the lessons."
"The teaching standard is extremely high with our individual modules and tutors being evaluated each semester and action taken if required. There are many extracurricular opportunities available such as part-time jobs (working at coffee stalls or bars on campus), awards to improve our chances of future employability (King's Global Award, Interdisciplinary Award and the Associateship of King's College) and careers events that can have employers in attendance (career fairs, career panels and drop-in sessions), with constant support from staff as well as fellow students through careers consultants, application advisers or peer mentoring schemes."
"The modules are amazingly flexible and interesting. Tutors and professors have great teaching methods and the quality of research is very high. Facilities are complete and modern and the ranking of the university is also a huge appeal."
"The prestige of the university and the experience of my supervisors."
"The staff in my department are incredibly genuine, supportive and highly intelligent. The location of the university is amazing and a lot of the buildings are stunning, especially the Maughan library, which has most of the books I have needed for my course. There are lots of wonderful study spaces."


"There's a multicultural and open atmosphere as well as high-quality education and prestige."
"The facilities and the teachers here are really good."
"Experienced and knowledgeable lecturers and helpful graduate teaching assistants."
"My classmates are among the smartest people I've met. The university is a first-class institution in my field of work."
"It is a university that provides excellent opportunities and the course is taught really well."
"It's prestigious, the campus is in a great location and there are lots of opportunities."
"The prestige that comes with the place, the knowledge of the professors and other teaching staff and the professionalism of support staff."
"Being centrally located is definitely a perk, everything you need is all really close to campus."
"It's got notoriety in London and there are great events organised by the law and bar societies."
"I love the thriving student society and the network of friends I've been able to build through it."

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