King's College London, University of London
King's College London, University of London


What are the best things about studying at your university?


"The lecturers are super enthusiastic and the quality of teaching is very high. The accommodation is superb and the location is second to none for opportunities and entertainment."
"Arts students are based on the Strand campus, which is a central location on the river close to Covent Garden, the West End 'Theatreland' district and Oxford Street/Soho. The campus is also close to many art galleries such as Somerset House (right next door), the Courtauld and the National Gallery. However, the campus itself still manages to retain a 'campus' vibe by having its own distinct identity separate from that of the other KCL campuses. The Strand campus is a very friendly and welcoming space too. It houses cafés, restaurants and bars, all of which serve reasonably priced food in comparison to the plethora of Starbucks and Prets in the immediate area. Furthermore, the Strand campus is very close to key KCL nightlife venues such as Walkabout (Temple) and Saucy (the LSE students' union bar/club) as well as being a short walk from the bars/clubs in Leicester Square and Soho. There are several large computer rooms on campus, as well as quiet/silent study spaces. The Maughan Library (housing all the relevant arts and humanities books) has study spaces in each room and computer rooms on each floor. The library study spaces are also divided into group, quiet and silent zones so you can study how you like."
"A degree from a Russell Group university looks good to employers. There are lots of student societies and there's the opportunity to study a language on campus alongside your degree."
"Inspiring professors, a good balance of theoretical and practical modules, interesting and high-profile guest speakers and a great location in London."
"The location is great, the nightlife and social scenes are insane and the facilities including the Maughan Library are incredible."
"The very supportive staff and counselling available. My mental health needs have been met and the staff are very helpful. Lecturers and seminar leaders are great and want to help as much as they can. I've had an amazing personal tutor, I attend an amazing campus and I'm joining in with amazing extracurricular activities."
"There are great facilities and equipment as well as easy access to public transportation. The uni cares about PhD students (for example, I asked for a book to be purchased by the library and they bought it for me in less than a week) and there are good seminars."
"Being able to know lecturers and other staff members to a closer degree thanks to a small year and course size helps with getting advice, general feedback and response times."
"The strength of the teaching staff, being taught by experts and the strong research environment."
"The friendly yet highly professional teaching staff are easy to approach when help is required. Our location means we're pretty much at the heart of the City and close to the library, theatres and coffee shops to do our uni work in."


"There's a multicultural and open atmosphere as well as high-quality education and prestige."
"The facilities and the teachers here are really good."
"Experienced and knowledgeable lecturers and helpful graduate teaching assistants."
"My classmates are among the smartest people I've met. The university is a first-class institution in my field of work."
"It is a university that provides excellent opportunities and the course is taught really well."
"It's prestigious, the campus is in a great location and there are lots of opportunities."
"The prestige that comes with the place, the knowledge of the professors and other teaching staff and the professionalism of support staff."
"Being centrally located is definitely a perk, everything you need is all really close to campus."
"It's got notoriety in London and there are great events organised by the law and bar societies."
"I love the thriving student society and the network of friends I've been able to build through it."

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