King's College London, University of London
King's College London, University of London

Night life

How would you rate your university towns night life?
Night life
7.9 / 10

(based on ratings in 2016)


"We have a Wetherspoons very close to accommodation and the clubs are varied and fun. London has anything you could ever want to do."
"There is Guy's Bar and The Vault, which are two bars on King's campuses, and they have weekly events and parties. You can have a good time on a budget and themed nights keep it interesting."
"There are lots of cool jazz clubs, quirky pop-ups and things to do that are not just pubs and clubs."
"The university bars are great and offer cheap drinks and food. Strand Campus is right in the heart of London's West End so Leicester Square and Soho are a short walk away for nights out. There are lots of student nights around London including at the Ministry of Sound, Fabric, XOYO, Queen of Hoxton and Saucy, which is technically on LSE's campus."
"The Strand campus has two bars with really cheap prices and the Waterfront Bar has an amazing view of the Thames. Also there are a lot of pubs to choose from nearby."
"A lot is organised by the union and there are a lot of things to do outside of the university as well."
"There are a multitude of bars and clubs within walking distance of all our campuses and most of them offer student discounts or reduced-price deals, which is very helpful for a student budget. There are great night transport links too, just in case you wanted to go farther afield. The night tube runs on weekends and night buses run on weekdays too. We also have our own campus bars at the Strand and Guys, which serve food and drink in an environment exclusively for King's students."
"There are a few gay nightclubs in the area such as Heaven. King's Philosophy bar is cheap and cheerful and Guy's Bar is great."


"Everything. Clubs, pubs, restaurants, museums, plays and more."
"You can find anything in London. There's dining ranging from Michelin star restaurants to street food as well as galleries and museums and plenty of amazing people to meet."
"There's a whole spectrum of events and attractions."
"Nearly anything you can think of."
"Basically everything you want to do, short of going on safari."
"It is hard to get around in London as clubs are situated in many different places. However, I've enjoyed going to bars and clubs."
"Anything you might want is probably here. It's London!"
"There are great clubs of course, you can find something for everyone but it's expensive and I was surprised by how relatively early a lot of bars seem to close. Most shut at 12.00 pm with a few at 2.00 am and clubs are generally more popular."
"London is full of things to do. You're never stuck to find anything."
"London is the best place for culture. There are many museums and historic sites, not to mention great restaurants and bars."

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