King's College London, University of London
King's College London, University of London

Location of university

Please comment on the location of your university (city, town, etc), the campus, the facilities, and student accommodation.
Location of university
9.0 / 10

(based on ratings in 2016)


"It is in London Bridge and Guy's Campus and the student accommodation are right beside the campus. There are many clubs to attend as well as the libraries and the Shed or Guy's Bar to eat at. There is also Borough Market, London Bridge's Markets and other London hotspots close by."
"The location is ideal as it's in central London. The campus buildings are within walking distance of each other with facilities that are above average but always overcrowded. I think the cafeteria food is too expensive for an average student budget."
"The location of the university is extremely central and has good access links to everything. Our facilities are good but too overcrowded as there's not enough space at the Strand campus. The food is overpriced in the area and the library has too many fines. The accommodation is mixed as anything half decent is extremely expensive and the lower end stuff is still £180 minimum. There is a lot to do during the day including food markets and the London Eye etc."
"The location is in central London so has incredible links to everything. The facilities are good but the new student accommodation could be better priced as it is not affordable considering the small amount we receive for maintenance loans. It could be better quality."
"The location is super central and the facilities are adequate. The accommodation is expensive but worth it due to being in central London."
"We're in a great location as both the Strand and Guy's campuses are right in the centre of London with lots of things to do nearby. The campus is spacious for a city university but you still need to be organised and get in early to secure study spaces as they fill up very quickly. The Strand campus is also right near Covent Garden and the West End and is surrounded by the pinnacle of London culture (eg galleries and landmarks etc). Guy's campus is also surrounded by lots of cool places including Borough Market."
"Our main library (the Maughan at Chancery Lane) as well as our other campus libraries are all well-stocked with relevant and useful books. IT and printing services are accessible to everyone at fair prices. The quality of the food and drink at our bars and canteens is excellent and reasonably priced due to a subsidy from the College itself. There are a multitude of facilities for students (and alumni) to make use of, including gyms/sports halls and equipment, study rooms, careers services, health and well-being support and religious services (including the original campus chapel)."
"First-year student accommodation is expensive, especially if you need to get all the way to the Strand campus from Stratford. Every campus appears to have all the facilities you could possibly need including a library, computer rooms, food outlets and common rooms to relax in etc. Besides, they are all very well connected as they are close to tube stations and bus stops."


"I was at Guy's campus at King's, which is beautiful and homely but, compared to the other King's campuses at Strand and Waterloo, isn't as well equipped."
"Extremely accessible and in a prime location to access other London sites and events easily. Facilities are adequate but need to be better equipped to cope with the number of students."
"The location makes it really great as all the nice things are very close to the uni. Facilities such as the library are really well maintained and great for students. Accommodation is also good but expensive."
"Very good location (especially for law students) and the campus is old but reasonably maintained. Student accommodation could be improved and/or made less expensive."
"The campus is very central but not near my accommodation. However, the accommodation is only a 15-minute train journey away and the uni has multiple central locations closer by."
"Being in central London is amazing. Unfortunately, King's is a dispersed school so there are many campuses. You don't get to enjoy all the facilities at one campus and you often end up not doing things because they are at a different campus."
"KCL Waterloo campus is a relatively small but quite modern campus with a good library and surprisingly good meals for low prices. Student accommodation options range and can be up to a 40-minute commute away (which is what I have, not the best but you get used to it). Living in the Unite Stratford One accommodation is great and modern but definitely makes it tricky to keep up a social life."
"The student accommodation is not cheap but the facilities are good. The uni is in the heart of London so it's easy to go to and from there."
"Most of the campuses are right in central London, which is brilliant. The facilities are very good, especially the skills centre."
"It's located at Waterloo so I have an abundance of events and restaurants to attend."

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