King's College London, University of London
King's College London, University of London

Diverse backgrounds

Please let us know whether you think your university does enough to attract and cater for students from a diverse range of backgrounds?


"We are lucky to have such a supportive and diverse students' union at KCL that is very proactive in creating an inclusive environment for all students. KCLSU is committed to ensuring that our campuses are safe spaces for everyone."
"It seems KCL is very focused on attracting foreign students. Regarding different backgrounds, this seemed to be lacking. My masters was seemingly dominated by wealthy international students."
"I'm a widening participation ambassador and the aim is to encourage social mobility meaning that I see KCL really trying to include those from less advantaged backgrounds. The programme targets all students from years seven to thirteen with the majority being from London but there are schemes within the programme that also involve national students. It's an extremely rewarding job and I'm so proud to represent KCL. I think it is definitely working effectively to include a variety of cultures and backgrounds."
"King's is very diverse in terms of attracting students from lots of different ethnicities and nationalities. However, the majority of students seem to be privately educated so state educated students like myself can feel out of place."
"You see people from many different faiths and backgrounds walking around the campus every day so KCL does attract a lot of different people from everywhere. It doesn't matter if you're religious or atheist, private or state educated. KCL provides to all."
"Considering the increasingly high fees, diversity in terms of different social backgrounds is not really supported. On the other hand, the university is very open to people with different degrees and professional/academic backgrounds. The university staff take time to read through everyone's cover letters and consider their experiences, not just the students' former degrees. This allowed me to pursue my dream masters here even though I have a different background."
"King's is a university that welcomes students of all ethnicities and backgrounds. London is a culturally diverse city that welcomes and accepts people of all religions and cultures. The university has hundreds of students from all over the world and I myself began at King's as an international student. There are countless daily fundraising stalls outside the Strand campus for all sorts of issues whether related to cultural acceptance and awareness or animal welfare."
"Yes, the diversity is incredible. It has a positive influence on friendships as you meet people from all over the world."
"I think KCL does enough to support students from diverse ethnic backgrounds, but perhaps not enough to attract students from poorer socio-economic backgrounds."


"King's is a very diverse university and the administration is slowly but surely implementing schemes and initiatives to encourage integration, bridge the attainment gap and cater to the needs of its BME community."
"The widening participation programme is helpful but I think more needs to be done to acknowledge how students from diverse backgrounds feel in an environment dominated by a certain demographic."
"The student body is diverse but representation in the lecturing staff is predominantly white males still."
"The prestige of the school attracts people from all over the world but cost may be a deterrent."
"A lot gets talked about but I still don't think everyone's treated equally."
"I think the university is diverse enough and you can meet many people from different cultures."

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