King's College London, University of London
King's College London, University of London


What are the worst things about studying at your university?


"Having a Zone 1 campus can mean travel gets expensive if you're living further out than Zone 2. Accommodation rent prices are also higher because, well, it's London. The price of travel can be a good incentive to walk though. The study spaces and computer rooms get busy very quickly, especially around coursework deadlines and exam season. Get there early and bag a seat or you might be searching for a while."
"Lecturers don't always outline what is expected of us and often just dive straight into topic material."
"There are no green spaces and the library is often full. The different departments can sometimes give contradictory information (I was told that I could retake an exam that I failed in my second year but now I'm told otherwise). The chairs are uncomfortable and many rooms don't even have tables."
"Some of the lecture rooms are too small for the number of students."
"The college-level administration and communication can be off from time to time."
"There's little help in getting your 'year in industry' course. You're often left on your own to find a placement."
"The school libraries (no matter which campus) can be overcrowded."
"There's not really a cafeteria with affordable prices and not enough bike parking facilities."
"I think more student support is needed, or at the very least more readily available support staff."
"There's not enough time spent helping students to find jobs or internships."


"The administration can be unorganised and this creates problems. Accommodation is very expensive."
"There have been problems with organisation in the past and I've found classes and seminars to be too crowded."
"There's not a traditional campus, which I think limits the university experience."
"Sometimes we do not have as much access to our tutors as we need, which proves difficult."
"There can be a lack of uni-organised social interaction."
"A lack of availability regarding notes and structured lecture/course material."
"The IT and administration could be improved."
"The cost of living in London."
"I think the year group is too big."
"I don't think the course structure allows students to build supportive relationships with their teachers as we are taught mainly via lectures. After first year, these can start to have an impersonal feel about them."

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