King's College London, University of London
King's College London, University of London


What are the worst things about studying at your university?


"There's a lack of information given to students and we've been left in the dark when things go wrong."
"Strike action has meant that over 50% of our classes have been cancelled and students have not been treated as well as they should have been."
"The library fines and printing costs are ridiculously overpriced, as is everything living in London."
"The tuition fees are relatively high compared with universities from other regions."
"The location, while ideal for many reasons, is also a slight issue as it's in the centre of London. This means that it can be quite pricey for things like grabbing lunch."
"I live at home so it takes a long time for me to reach my campus, especially when public transport isn't working properly. Also, I feel as though opportunities are sometimes not made completely obvious to students unless they search extensively for them. For example, a lot of internships that are advertised are for second year students or above, which is frustrating as a first year wanting to expand your opportunities."
"There's been a lack of support from some lecturers as well as dated facilities at the Strand and Waterloo campuses."
"The organisational side of things has fallen short at times and King's has high expectations when it comes to marking assignments."


"The administration can be unorganised and this creates problems. Accommodation is very expensive."
"There have been problems with organisation in the past and I've found classes and seminars to be too crowded."
"There's not a traditional campus, which I think limits the university experience."
"Sometimes we do not have as much access to our tutors as we need, which proves difficult."
"There can be a lack of uni-organised social interaction."
"A lack of availability regarding notes and structured lecture/course material."
"The IT and administration could be improved."
"The cost of living in London."
"I think the year group is too big."
"I don't think the course structure allows students to build supportive relationships with their teachers as we are taught mainly via lectures. After first year, these can start to have an impersonal feel about them."

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