King's College London, University of London
King's College London, University of London

Clubs and social environment

Please tell us more about the social environment, sports clubs and societies and anything else you think candidates need to know about life at your university.


"King's is very proud of its sports teams. Both of the SU bars have a sports night on Wednesdays with drink deals and a great atmosphere. Other societies are a great way to meet people and hold socials throughout the first month of the year."
"KCL has many different and unique societies that run across all campuses, most of which run in the evenings (due to university timetabling). KCL also has a very strong sports dynamic but, due to being a City university, most training sessions and fixtures take place off campus at places such as Brixton Rec Centre, Honour Oak Park and Dulwich Sports Ground."
"There are lots of societies including baking, sports and book clubs that are all very welcoming. Subject-specific societies are particularly fun."
"The Olympic Park is a 20-minute walk away so the park facilities that you get to experience here are absolutely amazing with ample jogging and cycling space. There is a gym and an Olympic pool that's nearly half an hour away but is very economical and well maintained. BeActive fitness has classes regularly so students can access a lot of them for free."
"We have so many clubs from martial arts to gym fitness to yoga and more. There is a society for every faith, ethnicity and culture. It is very inclusive."
"KCL has a ton of societies, the majority of which are sports orientated but there are many others including the Doctor Who society and a wine appreciation society. It's very easy to get help from the students' union to set up your own if there isn't a society for your specific hobby. There are lots of social spaces around the campuses to just relax and catch up as well as on-site cafés and restaurants to grab a bite with friends."
"We have multiple societies dotted around London. I have been a part of the law society and we got to travel to different magic circle law firms with ease."
"An amazing freshers' fair happens at the start of the year and offers loads of info about all the societies, teams and clubs. There is something for everyone, from folk music to downhill skiing."
"Everyone is very welcoming and sports societies are easy to find and a great way to make new friends. There are also societies for other things including religion, cooking and dancing. Everything is available and, if not, you are welcome to create a society."
"There's a great bunch of competitive sports teams such as football, athletics and cricket. We also have a lot of charity societies such as Action Palestine and the Human Relief Foundation."


"I think that, at King's, there is the opportunity to try out many things from DJing to go-karting so it depends on what you're interested in really and how much you want to immerse yourself."
"There are lots of events and they are diverse so there's enough for anyone."
"There is something for everyone and don't be afraid to set up your own society either."
"There are societies for anything and everything. There will always be something fun to do!"
"They have everything and, if not, you can create whatever society you like as well."
"The social life of sports students is pretty good and they offer a night out every Wednesday."
"So many societies to choose from! Just take note that, due to the dispersed school format and the limitations of space in London, many activities are not held on campus so you have to travel to an externally hired location."
"There is something for everyone! With the location being where it is you're never short of something to do."
"The societies have a very friendly and supportive environment."
"Gyms and stuff are decent with plenty of equipment and they're not too expensive either."

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