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Careers services

Please comment on the support you’ve had from the careers services, the type of employers that present and recruit on campus, the effectiveness of the alumni network, as well as fairs and on-campus recruitment activity.


"Many internships are available through the King's College internship network. Big businesses and large pharmaceutical companies poach students all the time."
"A lot of events are run by the careers service and they have a lot of information available should you want to go to them. However, this requires independent practice and there is not always guidance. That said, there are opportunities such as internships over the summer, many of which are paid, and other work placements in a variety of fields both with King's and external organisations."
"It is very good. There are plenty of placements and internship opportunities including international internship opportunities through the KCL careers service."
"There are many job fairs and networking events as well as seemingly endless careers advice and service even within the first few weeks of getting into King's. You are provided with many pathways and events through which you can explore your options and understand what it means to apply for a job. There are also workshops and lectures about building your profile and helping you to build foreseeable targets."
"The university has a dedicated careers department that looks to advise students on their situations. While they cannot provide legal advice, they can provide suggestions as to what options are available. There are also numerous job fairs attended by various employers and recruiters as well as a dedicated job portal for students and alumni. The university is also part of the London Graduate Job Fairs."
"There are constantly events where employers are in attendance (including Accenture, Sky and TeachFirst to name a few) that can lead to future opportunities and job prospects. Aid comes in the form of personal appointments to discuss and get help with specific applications, careers advice and ways to get into the sector of work you want to. The alumni network is incredibly successful with intimate knowledge and sound advice on careers and other opportunities."
"As a student nurse, part of my learning happens in local trust hospitals. These can vary from being excellent to being poor in quality, but King's will step in and support students if they are struggling."
"The careers service is very proactive with a number of events on every week including CV workshops, employer presentations and 'discover careers in' panels. There also appears to be a strong alumni network that the careers service supports. In terms of placements and work experience, there are several diverse opportunities at King's and internships in London-based companies providing a mix of both paid and unpaid experiences."


"The careers service are very supportive but it can be difficult to book a time to meet with them because they get very busy. Also, the careers office is mainly based at Strand so it can be annoying to plan your day around meeting with them if you're based at Guy's or Waterloo."
"The law society organises a lot of activities with law firms and the careers service is diligent."
"We have very good careers services at KCL, much better than at other unis I know."
"I have not yet visited the careers service as I've found it hard to get an appointment. On-campus fairs have been helpful though."
"There are lots of careers events on campus and you can get assistance with your CV and cover letter."
"The law fair brings in many prospective employers, which makes it easy to search for a suitable firm for a job."
"There are careers fairs and you can schedule one-to-one meetings."
"The careers service are always available. There are networking events and job skill events running all the time as well."
"King's hosts many events with magic circle law firms and there is ample support and advice from careers councillors."
"I haven't been to many events but we have had people come in and talk to us, which has been useful."

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