Keele University


What are the best things about studying at your university?


"I've been given the opportunity to volunteer in some programmes that I would never have known about had I not attended my course here. I've also made some great friends."
"It's a safe campus with a friendly, community feel. There are also good lecturers who are approachable and nice."
"The dedicated faculty and the quality of my education."
"It's a fantastic community with incredibly supportive students and staff. There's a vast amount of societies and sports teams with extremely good student support services and a great students' union with amazing nights out. It's a beautiful and green campus with a very good library and a very diverse student body."
"The great social, academic and sports aspects. There are some amazing opportunities offered such as study abroad and placement years."
"Halls are fantastic and the people here are great as they are always helpful and you never feel left out."
"The students' union is good and I enjoy the campus living. We also have beautiful grounds."
"There's a community feel to the campus and both my department and teachers are very good."
"The social life, accessibility and 24/7 library. We have great professors and a really good campus environment. The student accommodation and student ambassador programme are great too."

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