Keele University


What are the worst things about studying at your university?


"It is very far away from a major city and doesn't have great public transport links."
"The lack of seating for revision space in the library."
"We're slightly isolated from the nearest city."
"There aren't many organised societies to help people of different ethnicities to mingle."


"Keele has a lack of student shops."
"We're quite isolated where we are on the top of a hill."
"There's very little to do in the area and accommodation isn't very good either."
"It's in the middle of nowhere."
"The nightlife here is sometimes limited."
"I've met some unpleasant non-academic staff in the halls of residence."
"The expenses on campus are quite high."
"I'm not a fan of the location and there's a lack of money spent on student facilities in my opinion."
"There could be more team building and social networking with freshers organised by the uni."

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