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Please comment on the support you’ve had from the careers services, the type of employers that present and recruit on campus, the effectiveness of the alumni network, as well as fairs and on-campus recruitment activity.


"The careers department enables you to look into what you need to get a job and helps you to get your CV and interview techniques spot on."
"The careers service has been incredibly helpful with providing feedback on my CV and interview technique. I have had trouble securing an industrial placement through my university and have had to apply largely on my own. Lecturers on my course have informed me that my course does offer industrial placements but I have not yet been provided with one."
"The university offers a free careers service. The people in the careers office are friendly, inviting and always striving to help the students to reach success. The careers office also sends out an email every three weeks regarding open placements and experiences available and are willing to help students to attain the opportunity."
"We get career sessions on how to write a covering letter and CV. There are career sessions held most weeks but they are mostly held in the day so students may not be able to join if they have a lecture during that time. Students can make an appointment to get advice exclusively with the careers staff and they can also get feedback on their CV and covering letter. Students are sometimes informed of open internships and employment opportunities with third parties."


"I've not had much support if I'm honest. They sort of just let you get on with it once you graduate, especially from a humanities degree. You have to have a clear sense of what you want to do midway through your degree or they will struggle to give you advice. They have an email alerts system that alerts graduates of jobs available in the area local to the university though."
"My course offered fairs to get in contact with recruiters."
"The careers service was very beneficial and they were knowledgeable about many different career paths and postgraduate courses."
"They have a lot of events and send out emails often."
"There's a really good job shop here."
"I had great support when I wanted help working on my CV."
"I've had a few lectures and workshops but, otherwise, there's not that much interaction with the careers service."
"I've had very little support with only a couple of classes from the careers adviser."
"It's not great as it's mostly opportunities in Keele's local area. The internships and apprenticeships are mostly in jobs that are for quite narrow interests."
"Societies have helped in my career goals and, to a lesser extent, the careers service have too. However, the careers service seem to focus more on specific careers rather than wider job skills."

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