Keele University
9.0 / 10 Overall Satisfaction
(based on 6 ratings in 2017)
In a few words
"There are social societies for many of the international students and also many religious societies. There is also an advice department where you can talk to someone if you have any trouble financially or with housing."
Quality of academic facilities
9.2 / 10
Location of university
7.7 / 10
Night life
6.8 / 10
Student union
8.7 / 10
How diverse is your university
9.2 / 10
Quality of teaching
9 / 10
Preparation for a job
8.7 / 10
Quality of other facilities
8 / 10
Cost of living
8.8 / 10

What students say about...

Fun Facts

"Keele is an average-sized university with a relatively small number of students and..."

Location of university

"The university is located near Stoke-on-Trent and there is very little to do in the..."

Night life

"There are events held to raise money for charities and societies, which is a nice..."

Clubs and social environment

"The uni has lots of choice and everyone is very friendly."

Diverse backgrounds

"Yes, it definitely does as Keele University has such an inclusive environment."

Careers services

"It's not great as it's mostly opportunities in Keele's local area. The internships..."


"Halls are fantastic and the people here are great as they are always helpful and..."


"I'm not a fan of the location and there's a lack of money spent on student facilities..."

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