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Night life

How would you rate your university towns night life?
Night life
6.9 / 10

(based on ratings in 2016)


"The students' union is a good place to drink a pint and hang out with friends."
"The whole of London is available so there's a great nightlife but most places immediately nearby in South Kensington are too expensive for a student budget."
"It's London! But there's nothing particularly good directly by the campus in Kensington."
"As South Kensington is not bursting with nightlife, we generally head to more central areas of London such as Piccadilly Circus, Covent Garden and South Bank to find clubs, other restaurants and pubs. I personally love musicals and theatre so London is a paradise for that."
"London is the best City to go out in as there are many places you can visit and there is a huge variety of places to go. The cost can be a significant issue, however."
"There's a union bar and plenty of places to go out for a drink as the campus is in central London. You can go to see plays or movies and shop for food on the way back home. I doubt that Imperial is known for partying students."
"There are lots of pubs and clubs so there's something for everyone. Be expected to pay more here than anywhere else though."
"London has the best clubs in the whole of England and more pubs than you could wish for. There is always some event going on in a city as big as London."


"Everything that you could want. However, it is expensive."
"If you like clubbing, there's definitely loads of places you can get to in Soho etc. I personally prefer comedy clubs and there are plenty in Central London!"
"It's London..."
"Name it: clubs, bars, cocktails, pubs, theatre, opera, musicals, comedy, live music, dance clubs, karaoke etc etc."
"Pretty much everything including gigs, art, free talk and sport."
"It's LONDON! You can do anything and everything. Cost is the only issue."
"It's London, so there's a place to go for pretty much anything you could ever imagine. The only downside is that nights out can be very expensive."
"There is everything in London! From bars to clubs, from theatres to concerts."
"Literally everything from clubbing to boat parties to laser tag to bowling to skydiving (indoors obviously)."
"London has plenty of things: clubs of all types of music and bars of different themes. There are always gigs and concerts taking place. London's also famous for its markets and tourist attractions."

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