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Please comment on the location of your university (city, town, etc), the campus, the facilities, and student accommodation.
Location of university
7.6 / 10

(based on ratings in 2016)


"The location is very nice and safe but very expensive and campus is a bit small and crowded. We're close to Hyde Park and the facilities are quite good and include lab equipment and good hardware. Some accommodation is new, close to uni, well managed and convenient. There are three museums to go to and you can do activities in Hyde Park or attend performances in the Royal Albert Hall."
"The location of Imperial is ideally close to Hyde Park and museums for sport and other outings, but comes with a high rent rate. The learning and research facilities are some of the best in the country, especially with the new campus opening soon in White City. Sadly, the sports and cafeteria facilities are not as outstanding with a very small sports centre in South Kensington nearly always being at full capacity. It's also a good hour of transport to get to the sports grounds for field sports training."
"It's in central London with great transport links around. However, the location in Kensington also means finding a place to live nearby can be expensive. The campus facilities including the food halls, stationery store and library are good enough for students with reasonable prices and there are enough power outlets in the library. There is a lack of locations for students to either relax in between lectures or close themselves off from distractions for a phone or video interview. The museums (Natural History, Science, Victoria and Albert) nearby mean there is something to do if the day ends early or there is a long break. Restaurants and stores are a bit too far away for a casual lunch between lectures in general, meaning students have to rely on campus cafés."
"The location is amazing but in an expensive neighbourhood, which makes finding accommodation challenging if you are on a budget, as I am. The facilities are generally amazing with lots of available computers and places to study. The library gets impossibly crowded during exam time though so you have to go before 9.00 am if you want to get a seat. The gym is really good and it only costs £40 for the whole duration of your course with a lot of classes being offered at low prices."
"The South Kensington campus is in an excellent area of London with many shops and restaurants nearby. Most of the student accommodation is also located not too far away but can be very expensive."
"There is loads to do! London is a massive hub of culture, business and more. Clubbing is expensive though. Imperial's accommodation is all in great locations and very well priced for London."
"Imperial is in the centre of London and there is always something going on. London is a great City to live in with loads to see and do, especially as a student and even on a budget. The uni is modern and neat and most of the student halls aren't too far away and are affordable (for London terms). The accommodation is clean and has loads of space. The only downside is the size of the gym at the moment."
"It's one of the world's best areas, if you can afford it."


"Fairly central London (South Kensington campus). It's easy to get to and there are museums and the Royal Albert Hall close by. I currently live in Woodward halls (North Acton), about a 35-minute commute away, which is fine but there are halls that are closer if it's not your thing."
"It's an expensive area to be in – most of London is anyway but SW7 is particularly so. Private accommodation has to be found further away but this is not a problem. It's great that all campus departments and facilities are in one place, which is rare for London universities."
"Location is the centre of London, which makes it both exciting and expensive. The main campus is small but there are others significantly further away; so check where your subject is before making a decision based on the location of the college. The facilities are generally fine, great gym and very good (if poorly built) library. The union and eating facilities are too small though. Student accommodation is now either very close and expensive or very far away and cheap but it is generally nice, friendly and well organised. There are lots of events hosted to help people get to know one another, especially at the start of the year."
"South Kensington is a nice area. It's home to the Royal Albert Hall and a few museums. The university is in quite a convenient location and is close to means of transport and shops etc. I stayed in Pembridge Gardens for my first year. It's in a great location near Notting Hill Gate and close to many shops as well as Hyde Park. Getting to university from Pembridge Gardens takes about 20 minutes by bus or a nice 30 minute walk through Hyde Park. The accommodation isn't the best but it is good value for money."
"The location in London is great in terms of things to do. Housing is expensive and not guaranteed after your first year (private housing in West London of course being even more expensive). I was lucky with my first-year housing – a really good location and generally good condition and nice atmosphere. Many first years are now much further away in Acton. The main library is open 24 hours and quite nice, although it gets very full."
"Very central in London. However, location is not ideal as it's not near major shops or high streets. Very good transport links however and nearby green spaces. Currently, my accommodation is less than five minutes from the main campus, which is very advantageous."
"Living in London gives you a lot of opportunities to do different activities. Not only in the societies of the university but also in all the societies/clubs, musicals, shows, museums etc that you can find in London. The campus of Imperial College and the facilities are all located in the centre of London next to all the main activities that the city offers and in quite a safe environment for a big city like London. Also, the facilities are close together, which helps a lot when you don't have much time to go to several places."
"The campus location is amazing, near Hyde Park and with everything you need close by like shops and a gym. It's also close to South Kensington and Gloucester Road tube stations so there are plenty of eating places just in case you get tired of university food."
"In a city, mainly based in South Kensington. Quite close to a lot of things but it means the prices are high. Student accommodation has generally been good but also on the expensive side."
"South Kensington is amazing but short on space. There is no student accommodation on campus and the gym is quite small. That said, we are very lucky to have a lawn and a proper campus in the city, rather than just a building like some other London universities."

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