Imperial College London

Fun Facts

What interesting or little-known facts can you tell us about your firm?


"There are a couple of scientific jokes that are integrated in our daily lives throughout the campus. For example, our union bar is called 568 because there are 568 ml of beer in a pint. Additionally, the university's club is called Metric, which is the opposite system of Imperial."
"It is incredibly diverse. You will make friends from all over the world, enrich your cultural understandings and increase your options for travelling abroad."
"The Royal Albert Hall is right outside and hosts some really awesome events like the European premieres of Star Wars and Murder on the Orient Express, as well as fashion awards and, of course, the BAFTAs. If you're lucky enough to live in Beit Accommodation, you can literally see the celebs outside as they're only 20m away."
"Imperial College only teaches STEM-based subjects."
"Imperial is a lovely place with smart people who, despite being very academically oriented, know how to have fun."
"Imperial has a diverse scientific history and has a lot of really interesting up-and-coming research."
"Penicillin was discovered at Imperial!"

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