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Diverse backgrounds

Please let us know whether you think your university does enough to attract and cater for students from a diverse range of backgrounds?


"Imperial offers a large bursary of up to £5000 for poorer students."
"It is very diverse in the sense that there is a large number of international students, which is great! The university does this due to the larger fees it can charge for international students and hence there is an emphasis on international student recruitment. I definitely feel that more could be done to encourage students from less advantaged backgrounds to apply."
"I was pleasantly surprised by the number of international students."
"It's a very international university that also does a lot of outreach with schools to encourage people from disadvantaged backgrounds to apply."
"The college definitely supports all students and especially the ones from a diverse range of backgrounds to enable them to feel welcome and to have the best experience they can."
"It definitely does. There are information sessions all over the world, online marketing campaigns and referrals."
"There's a good mix of nationalities but, as with most universities, there aren't many students from working-class backgrounds."
"There are plenty of people from all different races. The majority are from middle-class backgrounds though."
"Yes, I think so. It has the biggest proportion of international students of any university in the country. There is also a good bursary scheme available for home students that come from less privileged backgrounds."


"There are lots of people from different backgrounds and lots of cultural nights to represent and cater to different needs."
"There is a lot of support provided to all Imperial students. The university has a student hub, which helps with any issues a student is facing. There are also departmental faculty who are there for any emotional support. A variety of services are also provided to students to help them out. It is all very structured."
"Yes, I think the university is really helpful, especially for foreign students. They have a dedicated hub for international students, which is great."
"Yes, I believe it does. It has many students from diverse backgrounds and clubs to support them."
"Absolutely, I moved here from Germany."
"I do, but by the nature of being a science university it is never going to be as diverse as somewhere that teaches other subjects. That said, they could do more to attract women as the gender ratio is very nearly 2:1."
"We have the highest percentage of international students in the UK. I have friends from poor, middle-class and wealthy families. I'm yet to come across someone who tried and didn't fit in."
"There are lots of different nationalities, but probably an over-representation of people from independent schools rather than people from less advantaged backgrounds. This has bothered some of my friends who had a hard time fitting in at first (although this is probably also an issue at other Russell Group unis)."
"Many of the students are internationals so I think Imperial College attracts many international students due to its location, prestige and all the financial help it offers."
"There are many cultural societies, prayer rooms and cultural days available."

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