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What are the worst things about studying at your university?


"The location is expensive and not very student-y (other than Hyde Park). Being in one of the most expensive parts of London, the campus is a bit small and cramped. The cost of the canteen food is also quite expensive and most people seem to eat a packed lunch."
"Accommodation is only available for first years, except one hall. Some buildings are old and ugly, which I think is unacceptable for the 8th best university in the world. I sometimes get the feeling that funding research is more important than student welfare. The heads of the college should always remember that this is a tertiary education institution."
"There's a lack of locations for students to either relax in between lectures or close themselves off from distractions for a phone or video interview. The location in Kensington means finding a place to live nearby can be expensive."
"The heavy workloads can make it difficult to balance work and play at times. It's expensive to live here too."
"It's an expensive location and it can be difficult to find housing."
"It's very stressful as everyone is working to a high standard, which is expected."
"A lot of people have a competitive mindset and it can affect the course in a negative way if people are only looking out for themselves and are willing to step on you to get ahead."
"The admin can be awful at times and some of the facilities could be improved. For example, the gym is too small and so is the main campus library so you can never get a seat."


"Stress levels are high."
"Sometimes it is not very well organised, I often find myself on campus all day with only two hours of lectures. Also, there are some lecturers who, while world experts in their fields, are not very well suited to teaching."
"Some departments aren't very organised and little feedback is given."
"The lack of support from the university. It can sometimes feel like we are only there to pay our fees."
"Communication between staff and students could be improved. The union does not always represent the needs of the students effectively and it's very expensive living in central London."
"It is super expensive to go clubbing or to pubs or restaurants close by (until second year when you move to Fulham or something)."
"The exams system for medicine. Research opportunities exist but are very impractical to find. We could use more tutorials (the ones we have are great). There's little student involvement in politics and wider issues compared to other unis."
"My university has strong connections with industry. There are companies that the college invests in, but as far as I'm aware students have no say in where the money from their university fees is invested. It has invested in some very conservative fossil fuel companies that will not turn towards the real threat of climate change and act responsibly. For a university that pioneers new research into climate change solutions, it seems counter-productive that they continue investing in such companies."
"Intense workload and many deadlines back to back."
"The structure of the materials course could be improved. Some people still haven't decided what field to concentrate on. The air-conditioning system in the library and some lecture rooms is not great."

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