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Clubs and social environment

Please tell us more about the social environment, sports clubs and societies and anything else you think candidates need to know about life at your university.


"The gym facilities are very good, maybe a bit small for the amount of students but of a very high quality in my opinion. There are also social clubs for just about anything you'd want to do and, if there isn't, then you can make one! They also offer evening language classes, which are very good and cheap. One can brush up on a language learned a few years back, or learn a new one from scratch, or even become really good at a second language. There are many options available."
"If you can think of an activity, there is a club for it at Imperial. If there isn't, you can set it up. We even have a cheese society."
"There are literally hundreds of clubs, societies and sports to do here. The sports teams are not bad (rugby and football just won their leagues) and they have such a good social aspect to them as well. Wednesday nights at the union, if you're in a team, is almost always a great night."
"There must be hundreds of clubs and societies, which is one of my favourite things about Imperial. Most people I know are in quite a few (whether things they've been doing for a long time or things that had never even occurred to them before uni) and are getting quite involved in running them. If you're a medical student, there is a separate student union with its own clubs and societies (not absolutely restricted to medics either). They're really good for support with exams and other things, too."
"There's a huge range of societies, from sports to art to skydiving. It's easy to find something old you love and want to continue at uni as well as trying something new you've always wanted to."
"You need to enjoy your course to be at Imperial as it is hard work. However, London is a great place to be, full of opportunities and with such a big student body here at Imperial. Although it may take time at first you are sure to find good friends whom you will keep forever! We also have the biggest range of clubs and societies here."
"Imperial College has 340 societies, which is the largest number in the UK. This provides all kinds of leisure activities to choose from and most societies are well organised, having enough money to do all kinds of interesting activities, trips and competitions."
"Great! Expect to travel if you want to do sports as central London doesn't have much space and it can be expensive too. There are all sorts of societies, which you will really benefit from if you get properly involved."
"There are many to choose from, most with great industry ties and sponsors."
"People are really friendly and you will meet all kinds of people so you're bound to find your group of friends. Imperial has one of the largest student unions in the country with all types of sports and cultural societies. There's so much going on all the time – you can feel it in the air. Everyone's up to something; yes we all do challenging STEM courses but every single person has a completely different interest outside their course. Whether it's playing on the basketball team, hosting a radio show or organising a food-tasting fair, there's always something going on. It's awesome."

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