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Please comment on the support you’ve had from the careers services, the type of employers that present and recruit on campus, the effectiveness of the alumni network, as well as fairs and on-campus recruitment activity.


"We have many careers events and talks going on as well as a good careers service for CV checks and interview prep. There's alumni mentoring for careers but they are quite busy and hard to book time with. The careers department offers one year in industry and some staff have personal connections with industries and other higher institutions."
"There is lots of support and guidance available if required, which is comforting."
"I had no problem finding internships to gain valuable work experience during my summers. There were a number of recruitment events organised by the university careers service as well as by departments or even club sponsors."
"The careers office of Imperial is really good. Careers fairs are organised frequently throughout the year and there are specialised people for each department who can help you apply for internships, write a cover letter and work on your CV."
"The careers service is very useful and continuously submits new job opportunities to us via emails. Meetings can be booked with them easily and alumni can also be contacted to get further advice."
"There are regular careers fairs and networking events that offer great opportunities to meet people from a variety of industries."
"The careers service is really good. You can book one-to-one appointments regarding CVs, internships and other topics as well."
"There are companies every week at Imperial, especially in the autumn term when most applications need to be sent. The employers range from Rolls Royce to Formula 1, Siemens, J.P. Morgan, Boeing and so on. There are loads of large and prestigious companies and all of them offer internships and work experience."


"Imperial's career services are great as they will sit down with you and go through your CV. My department offers workshops and training for interviews. Our personal tutors are always supporting us and providing us with references when needed."
"The careers service is good at CV and application checking etc, but not so good at helping generate ideas for a job if you don't want to stay in the same field as your degree."
"The careers service is very helpful. They help you to prepare for interviews as well as with your CVs and cover letters. The university also has many company talks to get students familiar with companies they may like to apply to."
"Plenty of opportunities, though it's up to the student to take advantage of these."
"There are regular careers fairs with the university's main recruiters. The careers service are very helpful and run seminars as well as one-to-one meetings. The alumni network could use some improvement."
"The careers service is very helpful but a little out of the way, so you have to look for them. Generally, it's industrial employers at careers fairs."
"There are a lot of networking and careers events – some companies seem to have quite a presence on campus at events. Although, as I am studying medicine, I have had to worry about this less (there is a medical careers fair once a year, although more relevant to older years). However, this seems to be very focused on pushing people into careers with large consulting firms, banks, tech firms etc rather than careers where there is less information available or that people may not have considered."
"If you do not understand something, you receive all the support you need."
"The careers service at Imperial is very good. The careers fairs have attendance from some very high-profile employers and the job ads are generally for good positions. That said, the service caters more for general positions than those specific to the field I am studying (design engineering). However, it may be that more specialist advice is available – I'm just not aware of it."
"The careers service is OK. They are short-staffed when compared to the demands of the students. There are quite a lot of banking/consulting recruiters despite the university being science and engineering based. There are fairs for each area, so it's quite good."

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