Heriot-Watt University


What are the best things about studying at your university?


"It's all on one campus so freshers' week is insane! Lecturers are very approachable and always ready to help. It's a good name to have on your CV when looking for an employer."
"Lecturers are very helpful and I like that we're able to stay in accommodation on the campus for our first year."
"I like that the university is on its own campus as opposed to spread across the city. This is very helpful with not getting lost, especially as a first year living away from home for the first time."
"The course structure and the variety of activities available as well as the support from both the course mentor scheme and the careers office."
"The university has a great community feel."
"There is a good ratio of staff and students, which allows for increased contact time and a more personal approach."
"The location as I love Edinburgh so much! My course is really well structured and it covers a lot of interesting material."
"It's near to the Edinburgh city centre, which is one of the world's most beautiful cities. For research students they have facilitated a competitive, encouraging and friendly research environment."
"The campus is beautiful, it's like its own little town."
"The good location. It's not right in the town centre and has an easy entry route from the motorway. My course is good and very comprehensive."

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