Heriot-Watt University


What are the worst things about studying at your university?


"I don't think there's enough focus on continuous assessments."
"Study space is very low! As are places to sit and eat at lunchtime."
"It can take a while to travel to and from uni after the first year because of its location."
"Everything is quite far out of town."
"More effort could be made to broaden the spectrum of units and classes available."
"Rooms available for revision are poor."
"The organisation of my course could have been better and I've only had access to limited technical facilities and equipment."
"Students are not allowed to stay at university halls after their first year. There is only one gym without a pool and the registration fee is rather high for students."
"The location is far from town as it's a campus university."
"The standard of some of the teaching hasn't been so high."
"The buses getting into uni in the morning can be annoying as they're very often full."

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