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Please comment on the support you’ve had from the careers services, the type of employers that present and recruit on campus, the effectiveness of the alumni network, as well as fairs and on-campus recruitment activity.


"Careers services are good but the waiting time for pop-in appointments is ridiculous. I once got there 10 minutes early but no one was available then and I wasn't seen until 20 minutes after they opened despite being the only one waiting."
"Careers services provide amazing support by answering any queries you may have. There are careers fairs twice a year with the biggest and the best employers. Employers also come throughout the year to do different events."
"The careers service helped me to fix my CV and I now have a summer internship after three years of applying and not even getting an interview."
"The careers services are amazing at Heriot Watt and they really engage and keep you informed about jobs and opportunities. It was because of the Heriot Watt careers services that I got a job at a large LA services company as an intern, where I have now been offered a full-time job. The recruitment fairs aren't the best with very few employers attending. However, I have found that this a common thing in Scotland with most employers attending the annual fair in Glasgow."
"There are careers fairs perhaps twice a year for different target audiences. The careers advisers are extremely keen to help with absolutely any matter."
"The careers service is great and is very present around the university as they run lots of events and will usually give talks in classes about things they're doing to help your CV or applications and things. The course is constantly changing to try and keep up to date with current technologies and trends as much as they can."
"Careers services have many workshops preparing you for an interview or filling in an application etc. You can also book an individual appointment about your CV or an interview. There are also career fairs from large bank groups, consulting companies, or other industrial groups like Shell and BP."
"I spoke to them to learn about preparing for interviews."
"There are a variety of career fairs at HWU every year with many people to talk to about future plans."
"I have received much help from the university careers website where new jobs are regularly posted."

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