Glasgow Caledonian University

Location of university

Please comment on the location of your university (city, town, etc), the campus, the facilities, and student accommodation.


"We're in close proximity to the city centre and bus/train stations."
"Good location but facilities like the gym could be updated."
"I live in the student accommodation, which is a bit expensive. That said, looking at the prices of renting a flat, it's not that bad and you have the plus that you can fall from bed and you're almost in class. It's really close. The campus is great and you can see that everything is very modern with a lot of equipment and facilities available to use."
"Really good city centre location. Campus is small but it has good facilities (although food facilities are quite limited). Student accommodation wasn't too bad as far as student digs go."
"The location is surrounded by shops, public transport and restaurants."
"It's a really central campus with everything in the one spot."
"Campus is great although it's going through refurbishments. Student accommodation is also great as it's clean and so close to the uni."
"We're in the city centre. Campus, facilities and student accommodation are just a walk away from the Buchanan bus station."
"Very central in the city, which is great. Campus is all close together making getting to classes quick and simple. We have good access to computers and literature."
"There's no car park but a good range of available accommodation and campus facilities."

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