Durham University


What are the best things about studying at your university?


"Lecturers know what they're doing and help or advice is always available. I also love the fact that it is collegiate."
"The research conducted by the department."
"Collegiate system, beautiful place, and not a city-based university. Very good student support."
"The sense of community makes it really easy to settle in. The college system is so useful for making friends as it allows interaction with people that aren't on your course or corridor. The course is really well structured so it is clear what is expected from the very beginning."
"The collegiate system. The opportunity to get involved with loads of sports teams and societies. The world-class research-led teaching. The work set is interesting and there is enough to keep me busy without taking over my life."
"Good course, good reputation, good employment opportunities after. The collegiate system is great, and there are good sporting opportunities."
"Fun and welcoming atmosphere. The collegiate system makes it easier to find your place in university as well as make strong friendships. The university offers excellent academic training, which motivates you to improve in your field. This is along with the vital challenge of learning to manage a tight academic schedule and vibrant social life."
"It's a prestigious university, so I know there should be more opportunities and employers in my field respect it more. The college system is also good as it gives a good support structure and offers other social opportunities. Also, the sporting opportunities offered at this university are very good."
"It's a very friendly atmosphere, in a lovely small town. The collegiate system is great for making friends and feeling at home. The level of teaching and support is very high."
"World wide recognition."

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