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What are the best things about studying at your university?


"The small location of Durham means all parts of the university are within a 20-minute walk. The extracurricular activities and societies are very strong at Durham so we have lots of opportunities to be involved in new sports at different levels."
"I think the level of support available, both academically and pastorally, is absolutely incredible. There are lots of members of staff who work very hard to ensure student well-being and the majority are more than happy to discuss any topics you might be interested in. Lecturers are really passionate about their subjects and that comes through in their teaching."
"I appreciate all the opportunities available such as sports as well as course-related activities. For example, there is a solar car and Engineers Without Borders programme where you can apply and develop your engineering skills. I also like the college system as this allows for inter-college sports matches as well as the opportunity to participate in any sport at a lower level. On the academic side, the teaching is generally quite good and resources are uploaded online, which is beneficial for studying."
"The city is small, pretty, full of character and almost entirely accessible on foot. The student housing furthest from my lectures is maybe a 30-minute walk away at most. Newcastle is just a 15-minute train ride away, which is a massive plus. Unfortunately, the trains are not useful for nights out as the service typically ends at around 11.00 pm."
"The students' union is really helpful with any issues or advice regarding mental health or housing. The library is great and staff are really helpful."
"There are lots of opportunities for clubs and committees and we get the chance to take on a leadership role and get our voices heard. There are good opportunities for different types of employment with your college or the wider university."
"The college atmosphere is great for making friends and trying new activities. Nothing's further away than walking distance."
"The social benefits of all the extracurricular activities and societies. They help you to make friends, fit in and provide opportunities outside of your course for personal development."
"We're in a beautiful location and the collegiate system makes for a sense of community and home. The small size means everywhere's accessible on foot and we get a world-class education."
"The collegiate system was incredible as it allowed students to get involved in numerous extracurricular activities and belong to smaller communities within a large university. Students can get involved in the clubs and societies irrespective of their previous skill levels as there are groups catering to different levels of proficiency. For example, my college has six football teams with the first team among the best in the university and the last one struggling in the bottom division. Everyone still has a good time."


"Lecturers know what they're doing and help or advice is always available. I also love the fact that it is collegiate."
"The research conducted by the department."
"Collegiate system, beautiful place, and not a city-based university. Very good student support."
"The sense of community makes it really easy to settle in. The college system is so useful for making friends as it allows interaction with people that aren't on your course or corridor. The course is really well structured so it is clear what is expected from the very beginning."
"The collegiate system. The opportunity to get involved with loads of sports teams and societies. The world-class research-led teaching. The work set is interesting and there is enough to keep me busy without taking over my life."
"Good course, good reputation, good employment opportunities after. The collegiate system is great, and there are good sporting opportunities."
"Fun and welcoming atmosphere. The collegiate system makes it easier to find your place in university as well as make strong friendships. The university offers excellent academic training, which motivates you to improve in your field. This is along with the vital challenge of learning to manage a tight academic schedule and vibrant social life."
"It's a prestigious university, so I know there should be more opportunities and employers in my field respect it more. The college system is also good as it gives a good support structure and offers other social opportunities. Also, the sporting opportunities offered at this university are very good."
"It's a very friendly atmosphere, in a lovely small town. The collegiate system is great for making friends and feeling at home. The level of teaching and support is very high."
"World wide recognition."

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