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Night life
6.7 / 10

(based on ratings in 2016)


"Clubs shut at 2.00 am, which can be annoyingly early at times. There's a range of music available though and it's also very affordable."
"There is everything a student could possibly want from a loud pub to a cosy one. However, there is one bar that does not allow foreign students in. When asked why, they say this is the bar's policy. There are around half a dozen nightclubs in Durham but some of them can be quite empty, even on a Friday or Saturday night. However, others can be absolutely packed at the same time. There is always something to do in Durham but there are not many festivals around the city."
"There are quite a few pubs, bars and clubs but they do tend to close a bit earlier than in big cities as nothing is really open after 2.00 am. Public transport also tends to stop after midnight and resumes only around 5.00 am. However, Durham tends to be quite safe and the university organises a night bus so you can easily get back to colleges during the night. Taxis are very cheap as well."
"There are several pubs and clubs in Durham. Some describe Durham as Dullham due to its nightlife but I would not agree with this nickname. Although the nightlife is, perhaps, not as wild as other cities, I always have a great night out and always feel sure that I can get back safely. If you want a more wild night out then there is always Newcastle."
"There are a few local pubs and about three clubs, although they could be improved a lot. There are some nice bars to go to and Fabio's has live music at points in the evening. You can also visit other college bars, which are sociable and cheap."
"We have plenty of pubs, clubs (including Klute, officially the worst nightclub in Europe) and restaurants. There's also a cinema, college formal dinners and balls organised by societies and colleges."
"There are a few night clubs that are full of students on most nights. There are lots of cafes and restaurants as well and a few other activities such as a trampolining centre and an escape room."
"We only have a few clubs, many of which are fairly cheesy and casual, though you will normally be able to have a good night out. We do have a lot of good, cheap pubs and bars though Durham could probably benefit from another, more modern, nightclub. If people want a big night out they usually go to Newcastle."
"There are not many clubs but the prices of entry and drinks is very cheap in the ones we do have. There are many societies you can join that offer social nights out such as bar crawls. Every college has its own bar."


"There are many cheesy night clubs which provide much entertainment. Nightlife is also cheap in comparison to other places."
"College bar crawls, clubs, the ever attractive Klute (worst club in Europe), and a ton of eateries for a small town."
"We have the worst nightclub in Europe."
"One word: Klute. But jokes aside, there's more than Europe's worst nightclub to revel in at Durham. Lloyd's Wednesdays and Loveshack are also brilliant ways to take off some stress in the middle of the week. Durham has a few more clubs like Jimmy A's and Fabios that guarantee there's something for everyone. Being in the heart of town, close to many of the student accommodations means it's a lot easier to get out and back home safe after a night out. Additionally, there's a whole bunch of pubs that serve alcohol at some of the cheapest prices in the country!"
"Cathedral, castle, lots of beautiful walks and views, lots of cafes and pubs."
"Not much of a party-goer myself, but I gather it's kind of a so-bad-it's-good sort of thing. Sticky floors and cheesy tunes. Cheap alcohol. But I'm a science student, I don't have time for fun."
"Lots of cafes, college bars, the cathedral and castle, rowing on the river."
"Jump 360 (trampoline lounge), rock climbing, cinema etc."
"There are lots of clubs, which are decently priced, and the music's good most of the time. The clubs only play music for certain groups of people. There's also lots of pushing and crowding, which is not pleasant when you're trying to dance."
"A few smaller clubs, which is actually nice because they're less intimidating and you generally know a lot of people. A lot of clubs also put on some pretty decent nights. College bars are also fun and you can go up to Newcastle if you want a really big night as most of the clubs in Durham shut by 2.00 am."

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