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Please comment on the location of your university (city, town, etc), the campus, the facilities, and student accommodation.
Location of university
7.4 / 10

(based on ratings in 2016)


"Durham has a nice local area and it's easy to get out to see the countryside and the sea. Being so far north means it's difficult to travel to see other people in the country. There's not that much to do in the city but Newcastle is very close on the train and there's lots to do there. Accommodation is within the colleges and is generally very expensive and not that great, but it is sociable. Drinks are very cheap in the north and this is especially true in the college bars. The university campus could do with some more eating options."
"The location is very good and everything you need is within walking distance. The facilities are decent although the library is often very full. The accommodation is good but the catered options inevitably meant that some people didn't get the most for their money with limited options depending on dietary requirements. There are cafés to go to during the day, which can be nice."
"There's not much to do during the day, though Durham does have a shopping mall if you enjoy shopping. There's also a really good tattoo and piercing place and everyone there is lovely. Durham is a 15-minute train journey away from Newcastle so you can always go there if you ever want a proper night out. Bailey colleges are close to the town and Hill colleges are close to nothing important (speaking as a Bailey college student). Due to this, there are a lot of college events available to students."
"Due to the college system the gym facilities vary, but I think free access to the gym should be made available to all students as well as a uni swimming pool or discounts at the local one. There is not much to do in Durham itself outside of uni activities but Newcastle is a 15-minute train journey away and has lots of shops."
"It is a good location that can be easily accessed by train. The university is spread throughout the city, which means that the university and local public life are integrated. The accommodation is great as the collegiate system means that you get to know people really easily."
"It's a city university with colleges spread out between the 'Bailey' in the city centre and on the 'Hill'. Each college has its own facilities including libraries, a gym, dining halls, dorms and music rooms etc. There are also big university facilities such as a sports centre, theatres and libraries, all of which are at a high standard. Durham has a number of cafés, restaurants and bars. It also has a beautiful river that makes for nice walks or rowing trips. There are several shops and it is only a short train journey away from Newcastle, which is a much larger city with more to do."
"There is no campus per se, but the collegiate system is brilliant. The student accommodation is of a good standard (if rather expensive) but the majority of colleges are fully catered. There are five libraries with the main one being the Bill Bryson, which is very well equipped. The sports facilities are top of the range and equipped for training elite athletes. The laboratories are state of the art and research is at the forefront of undergraduate labs, even in the first year."
"The university is optimally located within Durham itself, with the science site being less than a 20-minute walk from all colleges. Durham is just a bit far from the rest of country. Facilities-wise, the Bill Bryson library is often overcrowded and, despite some expansion, this won't accommodate the Queens campus students who are due to move to Durham in a few years."
"The location is fab and close to Newcastle for day trips and nights out. The campus itself is spread across the city but nothing is too hard to find. The worst bit is the facilities as some college gyms are rubbish in comparison to others and there aren't enough study spaces in general. The study spaces in my college are quite small and tend to get easily overcrowded. First-year accommodation is quite frankly extortionate in price. There's not a lot to do during the day unless you're sporty or like working out."
"The location is perfect for me as I love the north of England and being on a major train line makes it easy to access other parts of the country. The university buildings are largely well designed and equipped, though there are (increasing) problems with insufficient study space, especially in the main library. Durham is absolutely a student city so there are always people around to spend time with as well as local establishments that cater to the student population. It's a beautiful city with lots of lovely surrounding countryside."


"A beautiful location, you never get tired of the views. It's a small area so nothing is really any further than a 20 minute walk. There is an amazing library with a great cafe, four floors of books, computers and other resources, and an effective study space. There are great gyms in colleges, covering both weights and cardio. The student accommodations are generally very sociable, enjoyable, and relaxing environments. It's a great way to make new friends, especially in first year."
"Durham is beautiful as a city, but it hardly qualifies for a city in terms of size. The facilities available vary from college to college, but overall the accommodation and the university facilities are a good standard."
"Overall lovely location, great architecture. Some plaques on the older buildings could be renewed or cleaned to make them clearer to read. The school of education needs updating to make it accessible for those with special educational needs. Wheelchair access and lifts would be a good start. The bathrooms are cold because of the windows."
"Apart from a lack of parking (which is important to me as I live away from Durham and I am studying as a mature student), the location is good and everything is just a walk away while I am here in Durham."
"The student accommodation is extremely expensive. However, the library is very good and I like that there is a college library available too, providing more resources and areas of study."
"Never enough seats in the library. Student union looks horrendous and isn't utilised."
"Durham is a beautiful university town, it's additionally peaceful and safe. The placement of colleges throughout the city makes it so that some students might have to walk significantly longer than others to get to classes. However, that is a next to negligible price to pay compared to the overall experience of studying here. Some facilities are located in relatively out of the way places, like Maiden Castle and its vicinity. The facilities themselves are excellent so once again it's worth making the slight trek. On the whole, the amount of walking we do only serves to keep us fit and make us stronger."
"Very comfortably located in a generally safe and small city. Aesthetically pleasing and distance between buildings is reasonable."
"The location is quite good but there is a lack of restaurants and branded shops. The campus and university facilities are excellent but the accommodation could have been better."
"City university close to the centre of town. Facilities are good. Accommodation prices are extortionate, and given that the university essentially forces first years to live in and pay ridiculous prices, I would say this is slightly unfair."

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