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Location of university
7.4 / 10

(based on ratings in 2016)


"It's a really picturesque, friendly and safe city but, being small, it does lack some of the entertainment and opportunities you'd get elsewhere. The university sports facilities and science site are of a high quality and well kept, but some of the arts buildings dotted around the city are slightly more tired and seemingly less funded. First-year student accommodation is expensive but the college experience is like no other. Housing for second and third years is relatively easy to find, yet it can also get expensive if you want to live close to the university facilities."
"The castle and cathedral are in the centre of the city. The main lecture halls and laboratories for undergraduates are about a 10-minute walk from the University College. The facilities and accommodation are good compared to other university dorms I've seen but can potentially be rather small and extremely noisy. Durham's not a particularly entertaining city but it has a good share of restaurants, hiking opportunities, a leisure centre, a theatre and cinema and decent nightlife."
"We're 10 minutes from Newcastle by train and are well-connected with direct trains to London and other major cities. The small size of Durham in addition to the free bus service for students makes commuting very easy. Durham university has a collegiate system and accommodation is provided by colleges or students can live off of campus in rented homes. We're home to Durham Cathedral and Castle, which are world heritage sites and other places to visit include the Oriental Museum and Botanical Gardens, both of which are owned by the university. It's a great place for rowing or a leisurely stroll amidst nature. Sports facilities include County Council's Freeman's Quay and University's Maiden Castle."
"Durham's campus is spread out around the city. The main building is the library, which is really nice but always packed around exams and it can sometimes be hard to find places there. However, all the colleges in Durham have libraries that always have space. Also, all other buildings always have enough spaces to fit everyone in. Accommodation in the colleges is quite nice but really expensive for a small city like Durham. The location of the university itself is really nice too as it is in a small city that's is not very busy. However, this can make it difficult to combine having an interview/placement in London with attending lectures or seminars."
"The location of my university is too far north for my liking and makes it inconvenient to travel to London. However, that same location offers a more peaceful lifestyle, focus, easier access to facilities since the town is smaller, and safety. The level of accommodation depends on the college but it is satisfactory overall. Hild Bede College has several buildings, student rooms and showers varying in size. There are over 300 clubs and societies for one to keep oneself occupied. There are nice cafés and restaurants as well as many student events going on daily."
"The campus is quite close together and the furthest I have to walk is from my college accommodation to the education department, about 40 minutes (although there is a bus that really shortens this journey and is available every 10 minutes for only £1.00). The student accommodation is very expensive and, although it is a nice place to live and I feel safe, I think prices are too high. The facilities, namely the library and societies/sports, are of high quality. During the day there are many things to do, as town is not too far away and there are many societies and sports to join."
"It's a small town, which is nice and attractive but is sometimes annoying if you need to buy lots of things. The library is fantastic but is very full during the lead up to exams when it's almost impossible to get a seat. Sports facilities are good and the student accommodation in college was fine and there are plenty of student houses in town for second and third years. Accommodation is not cheap at all, especially considering the location. There are limited things to do in the day in the area. There's is a good local leisure centre but you have to pay."
"The location and campus are both great and nowhere is too far away to walk to. The bus transport system is pretty good too. Student accommodation at Van Mildert college was very good and offered single rooms, enough showers, a large kitchen and a social living area. However, the quality of accommodation varies between colleges and also blocks. Housing in second year is quite easy to find and relatively cheap. The buildings for the languages department could be improved. Sports facilities and the library are very good."
"The university campus is in a lovely setting, although the gym is quite far away from the campus hub. The student accommodation is homely but could do with updating, particularly some of the hill colleges. During the day you can explore the town or take a short train ride into Newcastle city centre."
"Durham is situated well in the North East with easy links to Leeds, Newcastle, Edinburgh and York. The campus is across the city meaning that the students get to interact and work among those who live in Durham full time. The uni gym is huge, well quipped and a lovely place to train."


"A beautiful location, you never get tired of the views. It's a small area so nothing is really any further than a 20 minute walk. There is an amazing library with a great cafe, four floors of books, computers and other resources, and an effective study space. There are great gyms in colleges, covering both weights and cardio. The student accommodations are generally very sociable, enjoyable, and relaxing environments. It's a great way to make new friends, especially in first year."
"Durham is beautiful as a city, but it hardly qualifies for a city in terms of size. The facilities available vary from college to college, but overall the accommodation and the university facilities are a good standard."
"Overall lovely location, great architecture. Some plaques on the older buildings could be renewed or cleaned to make them clearer to read. The school of education needs updating to make it accessible for those with special educational needs. Wheelchair access and lifts would be a good start. The bathrooms are cold because of the windows."
"Apart from a lack of parking (which is important to me as I live away from Durham and I am studying as a mature student), the location is good and everything is just a walk away while I am here in Durham."
"The student accommodation is extremely expensive. However, the library is very good and I like that there is a college library available too, providing more resources and areas of study."
"Never enough seats in the library. Student union looks horrendous and isn't utilised."
"Durham is a beautiful university town, it's additionally peaceful and safe. The placement of colleges throughout the city makes it so that some students might have to walk significantly longer than others to get to classes. However, that is a next to negligible price to pay compared to the overall experience of studying here. Some facilities are located in relatively out of the way places, like Maiden Castle and its vicinity. The facilities themselves are excellent so once again it's worth making the slight trek. On the whole, the amount of walking we do only serves to keep us fit and make us stronger."
"Very comfortably located in a generally safe and small city. Aesthetically pleasing and distance between buildings is reasonable."
"The location is quite good but there is a lack of restaurants and branded shops. The campus and university facilities are excellent but the accommodation could have been better."
"City university close to the centre of town. Facilities are good. Accommodation prices are extortionate, and given that the university essentially forces first years to live in and pay ridiculous prices, I would say this is slightly unfair."

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