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Diverse backgrounds

Please let us know whether you think your university does enough to attract and cater for students from a diverse range of backgrounds?


"There is a good international social committee. Led by students who truly care about the experience for international students."
"The statistics seem to suggest that there is a fair split between state and private school. However, the majority of people you meet while attending Durham seem to be from either a private school or a grammar school. I think a lot of this has to do with its existing reputation, hence the sort of people that apply there. When applying last year, I know people who were put off applying due to its private school reputation (having gone to a state school myself)."
"It's attempting to diversify, but is still very middle class."
"Durham is trying to attract a more diverse range of students and this is reflected in the growing nightlife of different musics etc. But it is fighting against a strong stereotype that is, to a certain extent, still present."
"I think they could do more by offering more support schemes for paying accommodation fees, or just lower the accommodation fees altogether. They do however advertise themselves widely and to a diverse demographic, which will hopefully help to address the current lack of diversity."
"The accommodation is far too expensive. It seems to be ok in terms of being multicultural, but the prices of basic life needs are insane."
"Not really diverse. Durham seems to be proud of its ability to attract the most private school students of any university."
"I think the expense of the accommodation makes it inaccessible to lots of potential students."
"Compared to say, a London uni, Durham does not seem nearly as diverse. However, as a woman of colour, I don't feel particularly victimised or anything. I just feel like a minority, which I am anyway. The city of Durham isn't nearly as diverse as a big city, that's a given. This creates an image, albeit an unwarranted one, of Durham being a very exclusive place. When in reality, that's not true. Its just an image thing, one which I suspect will diminish over the years."
"Attracts a wide range of people from different ethnic backgrounds through promotion exchange programmes and international postgraduate offerings. But the costs of these may have led to a lack of diversity in class backgrounds."

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