Durham University


What are the worst things about studying at your university?


"Facilities of the school were quite bad in Stockton campus."
"The hills. Be prepared for uphill climbs to the science site and town (if you live in one of the hill colleges)."
"Ever rising school fees. Exorbitant landlord prices in certain areas."
"There isn't a great diversity of people. If you don't play sports it can be quite isolating as so many social activities revolve around sports."
"The lack of diversity. The high accommodation fees."
"Small town, not much happening! Poor nightlife. Prominent lack of diversity."
"Fees and costs of both living in and living out. Catered meals provided by college. A lot of negative things when comparing the price of accommodation/living/tuition compared to the quality and the standard of facilities/dorms/lecturing."
"The lack of student action, they don't listen to what we want. The poor organisation of my department. The cost."
"Only two self-catered colleges so most students have to be fully catered in first year. College fees have increased. Lack of diversity."
"Small city means not a lot of shops/large supermarkets can be easily accessed when you don't have a car. Lot of pressure to do well as it's such a prestigious university."

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