Durham University


What are the worst things about studying at your university?


"The uni keeps raising accommodation costs without there being many alternatives for poorer students. The university does not provide enough scholarships or grants based on merit and some of the facilities are outdated."
"Durham itself feels rather remote and the surrounding areas outside of the city centre are less than scenic."
"Low contact hours and some colleges have no self-catering options, which can be a problem if you don't like the canteen food."
"It is quite intense at times as terms are very short. This does give you longer holidays to recover in though."
"If you're on Queen's campus, you can find that many clubs and courses are not convenient as they're based on the Durham campus."
"The events can be very expensive, which makes them unintentionally inaccessible to some people."
"Marking isn't always clear and there are a lot of variances in marks between markers. Being on the Stockton campus means having a two-hour commute to the main campus."
"Departments are far away from one another, which always makes me late when I have lectures timetabled next to each other but in distant buildings."
"You quickly realise how small a place Durham is. Lecturers are heavily reliant on the online system so it can sometimes be hard to get all the necessary information."
"It's a small city so leisure activities and the nightlife can be somewhat limited."


"Facilities of the school were quite bad in Stockton campus."
"The hills. Be prepared for uphill climbs to the science site and town (if you live in one of the hill colleges)."
"Ever rising school fees. Exorbitant landlord prices in certain areas."
"There isn't a great diversity of people. If you don't play sports it can be quite isolating as so many social activities revolve around sports."
"The lack of diversity. The high accommodation fees."
"Small town, not much happening! Poor nightlife. Prominent lack of diversity."
"Fees and costs of both living in and living out. Catered meals provided by college. A lot of negative things when comparing the price of accommodation/living/tuition compared to the quality and the standard of facilities/dorms/lecturing."
"The lack of student action, they don't listen to what we want. The poor organisation of my department. The cost."
"Only two self-catered colleges so most students have to be fully catered in first year. College fees have increased. Lack of diversity."
"Small city means not a lot of shops/large supermarkets can be easily accessed when you don't have a car. Lot of pressure to do well as it's such a prestigious university."

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