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Please tell us more about the social environment, sports clubs and societies and anything else you think candidates need to know about life at your university.


"Great opportunities for clubs. There is a great selection for sports like football, netball and tennis. We also have more unique ones like quidditch. As well as sports, there are drinking societies for wine and cider, and food societies include baking and culinary skills."
"Durham has a very strong sporting culture. We also perform very well in sports and in BUCS (inter-uni nationals) as well. So if you're serious about sports, Durham won't disappoint. But for the less serious, there is also accommodation for leisure sporting, so that's awesome as well."
"Sport is massive at Durham. Most students play in at least one sport at some level. You can play at any ability and the facilities for sports are amazing. However, if you don't like sport (even though there are alternative activities) it can feel quite isolating as so much of the social calendar revolves around sport. Nevertheless, drama and music are also really popular at Durham. Again with a range of abilities."
"Durham University has amazing facilities for a vast array of sports. The Maiden Castle facility is world class, it's one of the university's strongest selling points."
"Durham is definitely the place to be for sport. The university has a long tradition and record of producing great athletes and providing the right conditions to help aspiring sports people to grow and thrive. There's also a ridiculously huge number of societies to cater to the varied interests of practically every student."
"Durham will never be as academically excellent as Oxbridge, but the student experience must be one of the best. Sports teams are frequently very successful and the orchestral society is very prestigious and puts on fantastic concerts. There is also at least one performance every day and loads of great volunteering projects to sign up for. Always plenty to do and get involved in!"
"Social environments and societies are spread widely between college and university level, providing a wide variety of participation. Very low entry barrier to college sports that allows people of all aptitudes to participate. The university societies are for a much higher level of sports."
"There are a lot of sports clubs, even within the colleges, so if you like sport Durham's the place. There are a good variety of other societies within the university and the colleges too."
"Lots of societies and sports and the university is generally quite good about setting up new ones if you tell them. Also, you can join college sports and societies so you're not just limited to university wide ones."
"There are so many opportunities to get involved. Whether it's in drama, music, sport (you can try new things, like cheerleading) or charity work."

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