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Please comment on the support you’ve had from the careers services, the type of employers that present and recruit on campus, the effectiveness of the alumni network, as well as fairs and on-campus recruitment activity.


"Although I'm only in my first year and haven't fully made use of the careers service yet, I have found it to be a really good service that is always offering events and opportunities. There are employers visiting campus for networking throughout the year and there are multiple careers talks across each term. The careers officers seem really open and lovely and are always available for an appointment."
"If you are interested in finance or law, you are fine. Everyone else has a tougher go of it."
"We have a fantastic careers service. I have attended many sector-based networking/workshop events, though it would be good to have more media/arts-based events as there's so much focused around banking and law etc. There are many internships and graduate jobs available."
"The university is good at inviting employers to student fairs. Through signing up to these, we can hear about work and placement opportunities. The university also has a dedicated careers service that sends out regular emails with jobs, internships and other types of opportunities for all degree levels. Specific departments also organise individual career fairs, talks and other events. I think Durham does an excellent job and all the opportunities are there for the taking."
"I've had a few one-to-one meetings that have been really helpful and I get weekly emails advertising work experience. There are lots of recruitment activities happening on campus regularly including careers workshops that are both department and business based. I attended a department alumni event that showed you what graduates from the department are up to now, which was really insightful."
"There are lots of workshops, careers events and emails about opportunities."
"There are many opportunities for work experience and work placements and we get regular email updates from our university regarding this. However, the careers department itself could publicise these events and potential career appointments more."
"The careers service is available and useful, but not signposted as well as it could be. Employers from large firms appear regularly on the science site and there is a well-established alumni network. It's a very good place for making connections that will help later on in life."
"The careers service job website is very useful and I have applied to a few things through it. They also offer part-time work experience placements with local small businesses as well as with the local council. The student organisation Student Community Action is also a good way to get experience through volunteering."
"The careers service is useful but limited. I struggled to get an appointment because they were almost always full when I wanted to sign up for a drop-in session."


"The careers service are always free to chat and often have career fairs. But I think more could be done to let you know what you need to be thinking about each year. They could inform you in first year that you may need to look for internships at the start of second year for example."
"There's always interest from employers with regards to recruitment, graduate schemes and internships. The college alumni network can easily be accessed and they often provide funding and grants for those in need of them."
"I feel the uni is well connected to many good and reputable law firms. The law society is very efficient and far reaching as well, with many networking events on both ends. On this aspect, I feel Durham Uni prepares us and provides the opportunities for securing jobs very well."
"A lecturer from the employment agency contacted me the same day with teaching details of local schools in order to get some more experience. My college tutor reviewed my CV before I applied, which I believe helped me to get the teaching post."
"Top employers have stands outside the library a few times a week, there are constant emails from the careers service."
"Fantastic careers service and talks/workshops through the department."
"I haven't used the careers service much but am aware it is available and has extensive resources. A good mix of employers come in and advertise themselves, although there is a lot of focus on 'professional' sector jobs like law, banking, accounting, advertising etc. There are a few fairs throughout the year, but as for alumni, I'm not aware of many particular events which use their expertise. The few that I have heard about haven't been of interest to me."
"There are recruitment events but in Stockton it's not exactly the top employers."
"A lot of on campus recruitment activity. Mostly the big four banks and law firms. Teach First also has a strong presence."
"The service from the careers department is excellent. They have consultation appointments, but they also organise a large number of events to help you boost your skills and encourage you to meet and talk with various organisations."

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