De Montfort University


What are the best things about studying at your university?


"It's a lovely little village as all the buildings are close to each other. There are many events and DMU supports a lot of students with their ambitions and careers."
"The campus isn't too big and there are lots of cultural and social activities in Leicester."
"There are many amazing people here and I've made great friends! The library is brilliant when it comes to doing assignments and revising."
"Tutors are incredibly helpful and everyone is friendly."
"The location: I live in Leicester and only a few minutes' walk from the university. There are jobs available for students that help them to gain employability skills as well as technical skills. The FrontRunners programme is a good example of paid jobs where you gain more skills."
"There are a lot of opportunities provided that relate to my course and what I would like to do in the future."
"The buildings are of a very high standard with great facilities."
"It's a friendly environment. The campus is based in one place and all of the student accommodations either surround the campus or are a five-minute walk away."
"Societies and the students' union are good. Lecturers are all open to help and there's support in getting a placement or a job."
"The great atmosphere on campus."

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