De Montfort University

Location of university

Please comment on the location of your university (city, town, etc), the campus, the facilities, and student accommodation.


"The location is excellent because it's right next to the centre of the city. Campus is quite spread out within a small space but easily accessible. Facilities within the union building and faculties are great too, such as a designated law library. Student accommodation for halls is expensive but the experience is good. Student houses are at least a 20-minute walk away, which is a shame."
"We're in the town centre close to all the major happenings of the city."
"The location is in the city so it's convenient to get around by foot. However, if you live in the suburbs, you have to get to uni by bus and, in my opinion, I think it should be free."
"It's great, close to accommodation and the city centre."
"The location is very good for me as it's within walking distance of my accommodation. It would be nice if we also had a small library for the technology block."
"Location-wise, both the uni and my student accommodation are in a great place."
"It's like a miniature London."
"Campus is in the town centre and there's loads of accommodation and supermarkets nearby."
"I love the location as the uni is close to the city centre and the coach station is very convenient. The campus is alright but there are not enough facilities for students to hang out and eat at."
"It's a really good location with access to everything a student might need close by."

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