De Montfort University


What are the worst things about studying at your university?


"There's a lack of space for revision sometimes."
"The university's reputation doesn't seem to be as good as I think it should be."
"Not all the buildings are open 24 hours. The technology building is only open for a certain number of hours, though you can apply for an out of hours pass. I think it should automatically be made available seeing as not all students even know that an out of hours pass can be obtained."
"There's not a great level of communication or interaction with students and library staff can be unhelpful at times."
"There aren't enough dance studios and there's some poor-quality student accommodation."
"The library is often crowded."
"Information on our industry year options hasn't been clear."
"The quality of food on campus isn't great."
"There's been a lack of contributions from some lecturers."
"I feel as though there aren't enough facilities offering help to those struggling."
"The prices for accommodation are high."

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