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Clubs and social environment

Please tell us more about the social environment, sports clubs and societies and anything else you think candidates need to know about life at your university.


"I have joined local societies and enjoy taking part in festivals and events. The social environment is lovely as everyone at the uni is really friendly. They definitely need to promote more regarding their events and competitions."
"We have a good social environment with plenty of sports and societies to get involved with. Around Easter, the sports teams go on tour somewhere abroad, which is great."
"There are a huge range of societies for almost anyone."
"There are a good number of societies available that can be suitable for everyone. For example, I like the DMU Start-up society, which is for aspiring young entrepreneurs. There is also a campus enterprise opportunity group that regularly gives talks about starting your own business. Last year, the group brought someone in to talk to the students. It was a good experience."
"There are lots of sports events with good facilities and a good community feel."
"There are numerous clubs that people can join. The great thing about the uni is that, if you can't find a society/club for you, you can make your own."
"There's a good range of sports for casual players."
"There are many social activities from sports to clubs."
"There are loads of societies to get involved with that you can learn about at the freshers' fair. There are society nights out on a Wednesday."
"There are a lot of societies and clubs to join and fill up your extra time with. The social life out here is very good as there are a lot of events held monthly by societies and event organisers. To me, Leicester is alright for nightlife and shopping for students. Highcross shopping centre holds special shopping events for students as well."

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