De Montfort University
6.5 / 10 Overall Satisfaction
(based on 29 ratings in 2016)
In a few words
"There are many amazing people here and I've made great friends! The library is brilliant when it comes to doing assignments and revising."
Quality of academic facilities
6.6 / 10
Night life
7.3 / 10
Student union
6.1 / 10
How diverse is your university
7.7 / 10
Quality of teaching
6.1 / 10
Structure of courses
6.2 / 10
Preparation for a job
5.9 / 10

What students say about...

Location of university

"It's like a miniature London."

Night life

"We have a wide selection of nightclubs and bars."

Clubs and social environment

"There's a good range of sports for casual players."

Diverse backgrounds

"I believe it does enough."

Careers services

"Some of the modules that I have done really focus a lot on employability and CV ..."


"The campus isn't too big and there are lots of cultural and social activities in..."


"The quality of food on campus isn't great."

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