Coventry University


What are the best things about studying at your university?


"There are lots of opportunities to do sports and join societies. We have good lecturers and support."
"The location, staff and fellow students are all good."
"The employment department is extremely helpful in helping us to find placements both internationally and nationally."
"We have good facilities and approximately 65% of the teaching staff are excellent."
"There are extremely knowledgeable lecturers as well as engaging seminars and workshops."


"The services and facilities offered by the university."
"Great support teams and passionate staff."
"Modern equipment and the close relationship with staff."
"A high quality of study material and the respect shown by the uni to its students. There's also an active approach to work experience from the uni and it's intellectually stimulating."
"There are very good facilities for the engineering department. Being based in a city centre means everything is within walking distance."
"University staff members are highly qualified and very good at teaching their course modules as well as giving you all the help you need."
"It's in a good location that's close to other cities. It's improved immensely since I first arrived."
"The city is slowly becoming modernised and we have great facilities nearby including the library, campus, gym, swimming baths, restaurants, takeaways, a shopping mall, shops and pubs."
"It's a varied and job-focused course. There's a great atmosphere around the university campus and the city centre location."
"The great focus on my subject, new facilities, the city campus and very good lecturing staff."

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