Coventry University

Location of university

Please comment on the location of your university (city, town, etc), the campus, the facilities, and student accommodation.
Location of university
6.9 / 10

(based on ratings in 2016)


"They're building a new earth and science building on the campus."
"We're in the city centre, the gym has a swimming pool and there are restaurants, pubs and clubs nearby as well as a park and places to play pool."
"Due to the university's location, there are things to do day or night with a large assortment of pubs, clubs and other activities. Events at the university bar are not advertised that well so aren't usually well attended but other clubs nearby make up for this. The student accommodation is located in close walking distance to the university and most are modern and friendly places. The facilities are also modern with new buildings and refurbishment being carried out each year."
"It's all really nice because there are provisions for halal food and shopping. I think there could be more physical activities nearby though."
"There isn't much to do in the day besides shopping."


"Good location. Campus is okay but there's not much on offer to do there. Student accommodation is decent but the student lettings agency at the university isn't great."
"The uni is located on the edge of the city centre with student accommodation around it. It's great for students as we don't need buses etc to get around, everything is close enough to walk. There's a good mix of campus buildings and the city centre has a variety of shops."
"The uni campus is very good and uni halls are all starting to become more modern."
"The university is located in the city centre as well as almost all the facilities and accommodation. Everything is within walking distance."
"Campus is almost perfect but the city is small and still lacks entertainment for students."
"City location with not much to do but really good facilities and accommodation. I love the student hub!"
"It's in a good location and well networked with the station. Some student accommodation needs improvement but the library is of excellent quality."
"Coventry is quite compact. Everything such as the campus, the facilities and the university's student accommodation is within walking distance."
"It's a city centre campus with good facilities that are under continuous improvement."
"We're on a city campus. Most student facilities, outside of faculty schools, are based in one building: the Hub. There are no official student pubs or clubs and the university-owned accommodation was of quite poor quality. However, the Unite and Victoria Hall facilities are nice and readily available."

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