Coventry University


What are the worst things about studying at your university?


"Lecturers could push students more."
"There are limited things to do here during the day."
"The lack of parking available."
"A lot of investment seems to go into marketing and building more accommodation. I think this could be better spent in other areas."
"The city is quiet. Not much ever happens."


"There's not much of a nightlife here."
"A lack of good local shops."
"There's only a couple of good clubs here."
"There aren't many attractions or things to do in the city."
"Odd timetabling means that there can be some very quiet points in term with very few lectures and seminars etc."
"Some of the assessment criteria can be quite vague."
"Some lecturers are of a high standard but others are not so good."
"Accommodation can be difficult to find. However, the university does help."
"Private student houses can be over a 30-minute walk away from the university campus depending on where you are located."
"There have been some problems with organisation making the academic year, which finishes earlier than many other universities, very busy from start to finish."

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