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Please comment on the support you’ve had from the careers services, the type of employers that present and recruit on campus, the effectiveness of the alumni network, as well as fairs and on-campus recruitment activity.


"You can get loads of support if you are willing to make the effort to use it. If you want to take a sandwich year, you can do a placement."
"The careers office was really helpful but I think the uni should put more effort into bringing companies to the campus so we can secure an interview and get a chance to network. The uni can also bring in some top recruiters who can provide us with valuable information."
"The careers service is extremely helpful and lists a lot of placements for all students to see as well as separate documents that include helpful tips on securing a placement. These might be things like: how to answer phone interviews or how to prepare for an assessment centre."
"I've only had limited feedback on my assessments and limited help and advice when it comes to placements."
"The careers service only seems to focus on technical and engineering jobs. So if that's your career choice then they will be excellent. It's unfortunately not so good for everyone else."
"I have only gotten help with my CV. There is a uni website that has a huge number of internship opportunities in all areas including business, media, sports and many others."


"Career services were very supportive and actively encouraging during the placement searches but have not been very visible. Management integration on the courses is very useful and assessment centre simulation has been offered."
"I easily got an internship with the university's help and secured a job within two months of looking."
"The careers service for my faculty is brilliant. I had the opportunity to do a placement year, which has really set me up for when I graduate as I now have more experience and skills as well as connections in the industry."
"Careers services (particularly Creative Futures) have always been very helpful. They're committed to helping students with any queries regardless of how long it may take."
"There are a lot of fairs during the year where major companies recruit graduates. There really are a lot of opportunities to get a good job."
"There's recruitment activity held by the students' union and our tutors will also sometimes bring in their former cooperate partners from the industry and tell us about internship opportunities or similar."
"We get weekly emails about placements and available jobs. Staff regularly attend lectures to talk to you about applying and different processes."
"I have received quite a few emails about intern jobs from the university, including some that can be done abroad."
"My careers adviser was amazing, she would get back to me quickly and be able to answer my questions. There's a wide range of employers, job and graduate fairs and every faculty has their own 'careers and employability department' as well as a central one for the university."
"Brilliant careers service with good links to companies and a good scheme for raising awareness of places to apply and how to do so. Additional CV workshops and other help is available."

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