City, University of London


What are the best things about studying at your university?


"The location is great as we're in the heart of London, making things very accessible and we're close to law firms etc."
"The campus is lovely and my accommodation is comfortable as well. The freshers events were really enjoyable and the City buddy scheme was nice when I had a few questions."
"We're in London so everything is accessible by transport."
"I like the people I've met so far and my course lecturers seem very helpful."
"It's a central university with interesting lectures and good infrastructures."
"There's numerous study locations, a good campus and strong internet connection. We have a massive library and four or five coffee shops dotted around the campus. There are free eye checks for students and a lecture capture facility (not for all courses though)."
"It's a really nice and welcoming environment with friendly staff and students. The location is good as there are a variety of good food places nearby and places for shopping."
"The students at the university are nice and the facilities have been improved a lot over the past three years."
"City really puts a massive emphasis on practical approaches to journalism that will benefit you whether you end up going into journalism or some other related field."


"There are outstanding lecturers available for assistance and guidance. Teaching methods are excellent and we have great books and materials available."
"My course is very well run. Students from here are well respected and all the placements available in London are a major plus."
"The location and the good reputation in the field of business."
"There are many international people (from students to staff) as well as access to the libraries of other universities and lecturers with a lot of experience."
"We have great courses and a great social life while being surrounded by a very lively area."
"Great lecturers and resources including the library and Bloomberg terminal."
"Everyone was very welcoming and easy to talk to. The campus is small, which helps it to not be too intimidating."
"The lessons focus on things that can be applied to the workplace. It's not all theory."
"There's a wonderful and comfortable environment that makes life easy for students. I love the library services and student service department."
"The people I meet and the teachers. Also, all the learning opportunities it offers."

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