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Location of university

Please comment on the location of your university (city, town, etc), the campus, the facilities, and student accommodation.


"I wish the library could be upgraded and improved on to accommodate more student and study spaces, especially individual study slots and plugs. Also, there should be extended hours during exam periods and it would be better if we had more cafeteria or vending machines nearby."
"The location is great and very central. There are lots of computer labs and places to chill and study. There are also nice little places to get food but it would be better if the bar stayed open later."
"The main library needs to be improved (more seats, larger range of books on offer and restrooms improved) as well as the canteen (too small) and socialising spaces (there are not so many)."
"The City is central London and it's quite a big campus for a London university. There are many facilities to take advantage of and varied accommodation."
"Centre of the City. The campus is not huge compared to other universities and, therefore, it's understandable that the facilities cannot be compared to campus universities. Nonetheless, a great deal of investment has been put into modernising the facility over the past two years."
"It's in London, so it's expensive but it's in a nice location. The cafeteria is improving but could be better for the prices charged."
"The campus is in the heart of Islington, and therefore London. It's the best! The facilities could be better and accommodation could be cheaper."
"The university facilities are amazing. It's easy to access through any means of transport."
"We're in a central London location. Study is easy to combine with work and other after-uni activities. Do not expect a traditional campus as it's too urbanised."
"The library is always packed."

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