City, University of London


What are the worst things about studying at your university?


"There are a few grumpy lecturers and the careers team could be more helpful."
"There's a lack of transparency when it comes to appealing after failing exams as well as occasional slow replies from lecturers. Tutorials could be more organised too."
"It is very demanding so you don't have much free time."
"Tutorial teachers sometimes struggle to answer students' questions."
"I disliked the fact that admin could sometimes be slow here. It didn't seem up to scratch."


"It's not the best university for a social life. Societies aren't to a high standard and there's little student community feel."
"Hallways and common areas are too small. Seminar leaders are not always the best."
"The campus isn't large like some other unis so it doesn't have as much as it might."
"Not a great social life as there aren't many societies for the university. The societies at Cass Business School are very advanced and more aimed at postgraduate students."
"The canteen is too expensive."
"There could be more library resources and I've experienced some inconsistency in my feedback."
"Timetabling can be a problem. It comes out late every year despite being complained about by students."
"The student union isn't very active or useful."
"The campus is not very well built."
"The library is old and small. There's not enough space."

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