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Clubs and social environment

Please tell us more about the social environment, sports clubs and societies and anything else you think candidates need to know about life at your university.


"There are clubs for anything and everything and you can be a part of as many as you want. They represent various cultures, societies and causes and make you feel like you are a part of something."
"There are thousands of societies you can choose from and, if you don't find anything of interest, you can start your own society."
"There's a gym, a bar on campus and many societies to join."
"It's a great university for sport and there is a City sports centre five minutes away with a lot of different options. Non-sport societies are not amazing and quite limited."
"Some societies aren't as active as others."
"Some sports teams are difficult to enter as the bar is very high. It's a lovely and friendly social environment where you can talk to everyone."
"There is a large sports venue called Citysport that offers classes and general gym activities. There are plenty of sports teams if you are interested and tournaments take place often."
"There's an abundance of choice when it comes to any sort of activity you might be interested in."
"We have a ton of societies to choose from. We can enrol ourselves in any type of societies that we feel comfortable with. The students' union is an independent body with a plethora of roles to support the students in every possible way. The uni organises many events during induction weeks for new students."


"There's only a handful of sport and social events organised. You can sign up to a society and not hear anything back from them if you don't stay active."
"The social environment is open and it's possible to find many friends from different cultural backgrounds and cultures. There are plenty of societies and clubs."
"The sports teams are good and there's a lovely new sports hall and gym. The drama and feminist societies are also good but the uni could do with a few more societies."
"The social environment is nice and it's easy to settle in."
"There are a lot of social events where you can enjoy any sport you can think of. I personally attend the City University social badminton event along with friends every Friday."
"There are lots of societies and sporting clubs to join."
"There are lots of sports clubs and it's a very friendly environment. We're provided with a lot of high-quality sports facilities and equipment."
"There are lots of things going on but it's very easy to miss due to lack of advertising. Info isn't circulated by the uni as much as it could be."
"The social environment is OK, but you're not likely to meet too many new people. I'm not too sure about sports clubs but the gym looks really good. I do attend social badmintons held at a subsidised rate."

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