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Please comment on the support you’ve had from the careers services, the type of employers that present and recruit on campus, the effectiveness of the alumni network, as well as fairs and on-campus recruitment activity.


"I have been to many events and, while they are ok, they did not really help me much."
"The careers service is great as they help structure your CV and prepare you for interviews if you need help."
"I haven't had any information on placements or work experience. The careers service help with CV writing and interview prep and they sometimes even hold mock assessment centres. We have many reputable employers from a vast range of business fields coming to display their companies."
"The careers service is available when you need it but could be more helpful with finding work experience."
"I've had help with checking my CV and preparing for interviews."
"A mentoring scheme is available to grant students insight into professionals in the industry they select. There is also a careers service for CV writing and mock interviews that can be utilised through booking appointments."


"I'm constantly receiving emails regarding the workshops for how to obtain a pupillage etc."
"Good professionals and good advice. They've been helpful with my CV and other assistance."
"Career services are really effective and helpful. There are many workshops available for us to choose from."
"The careers office is there if you need any extra help finding a job. There are plenty of workshops to gain skills in as well as a lot of opportunities to meet future employers."
"The careers centre has always been helpful but it's important to be proactive. Lots of prestigious companies come to campus but it's up to the student to approach them. I would have liked to see even more companies come down to do skills sessions, though."
"There's great support from the careers services if you utilise them and career fairs are held throughout the year as well."
"I received great help with my CV as well as valuable advice on how to find internships and placements."
"There was an employability module that was compulsory in my first year. I also received constant lectures from professionals and skill workshops and the alumni network was used effectively."
"I've gone to the careers services for CV and application checking. They're really helpful but, if you go to see two different people within a short time period, you may get some conflicting advice. This is especially true regarding CVs as that subject matter itself is really subjective. Lots of named employers come to give talks as well as for the careers fair. The alumni network is strong in my opinion as second year (and up) students have the opportunity to be paired up with a professional mentor, who is usually an alumnus."
"The careers department is very good. However, it is quite hard to get an appointment sometimes."

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