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What are the best things about studying at your university?


"The community of lecturers and professors and the interesting exploration in research they are doing at the moment. Also, how approachable and inclusive some of the lecturers are, especially in seminars. The societies and extra curricular activities are wonderful, and the location of buildings and the city centre make things very convenient. I feel like this is a perfect city for students, and a great cultural hotspot for arts and literature at the moment."
"A part of the Russell Group of universities so you can assume standard of lecturing is very good."
"Cardiff accommodation is cheap, nice city, good night life. Course offered international opportunities for one semester and I was able to have Erasmus funding which was great. Also, I went to China on a study programme and the university was able to give me some funds towards the flight which was amazing. Also 24/7 library during exam periods."
"Great location, very easy to find everything and all necessities are within walking distance. Cardiff as a city is amazing, plenty of things to do and places to go to. Quality sporting events and atmosphere. Business school is very modern and situated close to all student housing."
"Everywhere is reachable by foot, don't have to worry about transport cost. There are libraries everywhere and I am not restricted in the libraries I can go to. The student to tutor ratio is great! I can get help easily and efficiently. The city is a balance of nature and city life, I can go to the park, the bay and the city all in one day and without much cost."
"The course and modules, as well as my Erasmus year abroad. The people I have met and spent time with socially, the sports (hockey) union. The city is fabulous and perfect for a student looking for a city university (not on campus), but still a manageable size. It's an affordable city to live in as a student too. Very friendly staff and lecturers. Great location and access for travelling to and from home or other cities (via train or coach)."
"A combination of city/campus uni, Cardiff is a great and cheap city. The SU is really active and central to uni life."
"The city is a great place to live. Perfect size, accessible, great night life. Also the prestige of the university means I feel that there is a high standard."
"The city, everything is in close walking distance. Lots of stuff to do, feels safe. University buildings are great and relatively close to each other. Good students union building, lots of stuff in there. A lot of help with work experience etc."
"The city is great for students and as a developing capital city, the prices are very reasonable from rent to nights out. The academics working at the university are all very helpful and always willing to listen to any problems you may have and often help to solve them."

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