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Night life
8.3 / 10

(based on ratings in 2016)


"There are nightclubs that have a night every day of the week, meaning there is always a club to go to around your free days."
"There are places that host things ranging from specialist music nights (eg 80s music) to general club nights. We also have themed nights around the city and cheap drinks."
"You have a choice of either a fun and lively students' union (with a pub and a nightclub on at least two nights of the week), or the town centre (with an infinite range of places from large, commercial clubs to smaller, local bars) to go to on a night out."
"I like some of the nightlife. I have difficulty finding a nightclub that doesn't encourage excessive drinking, but the music is generally good. One space I really like is the Blue Honey café because it is more relaxed."
"Being in the capital of Wales, there is a vast number of pubs, clubs and other establishments in the area. Most are in the city centre although quite a number can be found dotted along the road that the university is situated by, and behind the students' union. Many offer different vibes so there is sure to be something for everyone."
"There are loads of clubs in Cardiff as well as tons of pubs and most of the societies hold alcoholic socials."
"The students' union has a club with a particular theme each night. There are also many clubs that are open every night and offer deals and discounts. For example, the live lounge has a 'happy hour' deal most nights of the week where you can get cheap drinks, cocktails and shots."
"The SU is a great night out on both Wednesdays and Saturdays, while the abundance of clubs in the city centre offers something every night of the week. You are never short of a place to go for a night out in Cardiff."
"The students' union is great for uni events and nights out. There are many clubs such as Pryzm, Revolution and Live Lounge and there are pubs around if you just fancy a quiet drink."
"There's a good selection of clubs to suit different music tastes. The SU is cheap and offers a decent night out."


"Wide variety of clubs and bars, cinemas, bowling, mini golf, huge malls with lots of different shops and restaurants, visit Cardiff Castle, watch rugby matches at Millennium Stadium, concerts at Motorpoint Arena."
"You can enjoy a lot of bars, pubs and clubs. Moreover there's musical theatre, theatre, movies, bowling, laser quest, Doctor Who experience and parks to walk."
"There are many great clubs and restaurants in town with great deals for students. There is also a cheap cinema experience on offer for students. There are amazing shopping facilities for those who love to shop and museums and a castle for those more interested in historic aspects of the city."
"There's a variety of bars and nightclubs which lend themselves to all tastes and musical preferences. The entry fees are reasonable and the nightlife in Cardiff is made vibrant by good promotions and high attendance by students reflective of the vibrant social scene of the city."
"Club, free museum, cheap cinemas (three quid for students), big parks, football fields, cocktail bars, Cardiff bay is great to visit, trampolining places, laser shooting, bowling, golf."
"It is fantastic for shopping. There are lots of nice coffee shops, pubs, cocktail bars, and restaurants around, which are reasonably priced. There are cinemas, bowling alleys, laser quest and crazy golf to name a few activities and most of them have student deals. As well as this there are activities in Cardiff bay, including water sports and boat rides. There are also theatres which offer student tickets too. And there are enough bars and nightclubs to suit any music taste, with lots of them doing special events."
"Everything, whatever your preferences regarding shopping, cafes, bars, clubs, visits (museum, castle, stadium, parks, arcades), there is everything. All close together and very accessible."
"Lots of bars, nightclubs and pubs, which accommodate students. Multiple concert venues/open mic nights etc. Mini golf, bowling, cinemas."
"Lots of cultural things such as the castle. Many hiking opportunities."
"Lots! Clubbing, unique events like bowling, paintballing, and karaoke. Lots of dining options and arts and cultural activities like theatre."

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