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Please comment on the location of your university (city, town, etc), the campus, the facilities, and student accommodation.
Location of university
9.3 / 10

(based on ratings in 2016)


"The location is perfect with lots of housing, shops, public transport and social activities nearby. Everything needs aesthetic touching up but there's loads to do in the day including parks, shopping, theatres, mini-golf, cheap cinemas and castle visits including discounts for students."
"The uni gym is great quality but too small for the amount of people using it. Student accommodation is fairly cheap for second year houses and beyond. Our halls aren't very good quality, however."
"The university is located a few minutes away from the town centre, allowing the opportunity to walk to town during breaks to visit numerous cafés, shops and other activities. The students' union provides numerous social and career opportunities including a volunteering centre, skill-building workshops and a nightclub. A greater selection of non-alcoholic course socials would be beneficial."
"There needs to be more free parking. I have to park a 30-minute walk away."
"The campus is located within walking distance of the Cardiff city centre but is also surrounded by various communities and parks. There are libraries, sports centres and support centres with great facilities. During the day, you can do anything that is in the city centre as well as being well connected to seasides and the Brecon Beacons. Student halls are average but the privately rented student houses in Cardiff are much cheaper than in other cities. They are also very close to the university as well as the city centre."
"The students' union is great and offers help with everything from sorting out accommodation to helping people to find employment or volunteering positions. The campus isn't too far from the city centre and neither is my accommodation. I haven't really needed to use local transport as everything is easily accessible by foot. The only downsides are the cost of food and drink in university buildings and perhaps the lack of space for all the activities that take place. Societies often seem to struggle to find free rooms to hold meetings in."
"We're close to the city centre, which has quite a few shopping centres, but also close to lots of nice parks to relax in with friends. There's a large students' union with lots of shops, places to eat and places to relax. Student accommodation is cheap and varied to fit your needs (there are even a couple of flats and family flats available) and is mostly in close proximity to the university buildings. There are lots of libraries, some of which are open 24 hours, with lots of different spaces to study in. This includes areas with group tables, quiet areas, silent areas and computer areas."
"Being in the centre of Cardiff is brilliant, you've got everything within ten minutes including Ikea and all the supermarkets. Classes are within many buildings but the rooms are nice and lecture halls are big and seminar rooms fit everyone. There are loads of computer rooms and library/study spaces. There are loads of theatres, cinemas, gardens, bowling, Techniquest and sports such as white water rafting and dry slope skiing."
"The facilities in the Bute building are massively outdated and are in serious need of a revamp."
"It's a very central location and everything is within walking distance. There's so much to do from Opera and ballet to theatre production and concerts. It's the home of rugby, we can relax in the bay and there are many cheap student cinemas, clubs and cafés."


"Cardiff as a city has a lot to offer students, with everything being situated close to the town centre. The university facilities themselves are to a good standard, with a lot of improvements currently ongoing. There's a large variety of accommodation available, which accommodates for various needs. There is a lot of student housing available for second and third years and it's good value for money."
"Everything is accessible and useful, although I do not care for the student accommodation I stayed at in first year, but the quality of student houses for 2nd and 3rd year are on the most part incredibly good value and wonderfully situated. The campus is well spaced out for me and my studies, with most of my buildings within the same small radius."
"The location is excellent, having the university in between the centre of town and accommodation is great. It's all within walking distance, which is really helpful as well. The library facilities are brilliant as there are so many libraries to choose from. However, I have had trouble accessing some documents online through the library system. The student accommodation is perfect for my needs ie the room size and en-suite bathroom. Though I know of people who have suffered with damp and mould in their flats so maybe I have been lucky. The location of the accommodation is brilliant, as it's near grocery shops and the main road into the university."
"Friendly, easy to get around and affordable. Campus is well organised and close to town centre. Lack of cultural events (music, theatre, etc) is the major downside."
"Campus is near to the town centre and supermarkets are conveniently located. Student accommodation is quite far away from the campus and has had problems with damp and silverfish infestations. There have also been cases of maintenance staff entering accommodation without notification and cherry pickers and scaffolding being stationed outside students' windows."
"The location is fantastic. The city is just the right size, but also has a lot of diversity from independent shops to the big brands. Also culturally, with multiple languages being spoken. There are some really amazing facilities such as the libraries and the uni buildings. Most especially though is the student union. There is always something on and it's a good place to go to for help or to relax with friends. Student accommodation can be quite a distance away, however, from my own experience it has been exactly what was needed and plenty of help is provided when looking into getting your own house."
"The location is great, it's just outside town so it's not super busy but is conveniently close. Cardiff is a great city, lots of green space with all the amenities of a city. Feels very safe, there's lots to do."
"The university is not too far from town. It is a clean and safe location. The facilities are good. The libraries are amazing, which is very important for students. The student accommodation is a bit hit and miss, it varies depending on how much you're willing to spend."
"Student accommodations are quite far away from the uni (20 – 30 minutes for Talybont, 45+ minutes for uni halls) and very far away from town. The campus is located within the city which is great, but the Heath campus is very far away and students studying there can feel isolated from the students union opportunities."
"The city itself is in a great location and the main campus is only five mins walk from the centre. There needs to be a lot more library space and electrical sockets in study areas. Student accommodation is good but could do with some updating and it can be quite a long way from the main campus."

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